December 2, 2009

A Simple Question

Every day Twitter asks one simple question, what’s happening? Resulting in a response by millions of people from all over the world (I included). I remember when I first opened my account, I thought “Okay, now what?”

One self-explanatory question had me stumped! So I did the best thing…I deleted the account. I mean after all, who needs this kind of pressure? Weeks passed by, and I would still think about that question. So I sat down stared defiantly into the laptop screen and I did it! Not only did I open a Twitter account, I answered the question.

Feeling pleased with my tiny hurdle, I started observing what people would say. Some Tweets were inspiring, others quite comical and some were heart breaking. Remember Neda? The young Iranian woman killed while standing among the crowds of protesters and their opponents. The world was instantly a witness to her last seconds of life.

In an instant Twitter changed from a social network, to a link with humanity. People one by one changed their picture to various shades of green making a symbolic showing of support.

During Ramadan I would open my page and see tweet after tweet wishing “Ramadan Mubarak” and recently Eid al Adha (Festival of Sacrifice. For me what started out as a simple answer to a question has after 2,078 tweets later, become a part of my family.

Alhamdulillah, we never know how another Muslim will enter into our lives. Technology has been often accused for separating families. Families can communicate at the dinner table, several times a year during the holidays and even on Twitter!


Hadiza said...

Twitter brought me to you! Good post Ukhti.

hijabandroses said...

Awww, thank you ukhti for your kind words. Welcome and hope you enjoy.

ns8t said...

good point. i never realized that the technology does maybe threaten to isolate us physically behind our private computor screen but also unites far distant people cerebrally. What incredible tool. i am thinking to tweeter again now

hijabandroses said...

Alhamdulillah, it would be wonderful to have you return back to the Ummah ahkee. Shukran for your comments.