July 14, 2010

Marriage and I Do?!

Happy Summer everyone! Let me give a heartfelt thank you, for staying with me and to my new followers. I have missed my (our) blog more than you know.

Okay the window is open, and there is not a breeze to be found for miles…have summers become hotter? Yes! The answer is a resounding yes. But what can we expect in July; anyway recently I have been taking on the role of my own guardian/wali and cheerleader. The saying “taking the matters into your own hands”, has never been more appropriate.

These are the times I miss my best friend, without failure she would know exactly what to say to cheer me up – or have me laughing endlessly at life’s ups and downs. I have told everyone possible (almost) that I am on a quest to re-enter the land of marriage. Now for all you sisters who are sailing in the same boat as I…you know the combination of oddly bizarre mixed with “are you serious?” proposals that are being offered. LOL, there is a vast space between wanting to be married and being desperate to get married.

One particular brother required that his wife “keep the television on CNN and the news only, not talk much and know her place” in his home.

Hmm, now I know sisters you are asking yourselves…how is this brother still single? Shocker I know [cough] let’s just say I am almost 99.9% certain that he is still available. Email me if you would like to be introduced (insert laughter at anytime) and I will arrange an introduction. And for that .01% who think he is perfect, then masha Allah.

Seriously I know there is compromise in every marriage and through time insha’Allah both husband and wife, will learn to exist in their own harmony. But if a person is going to be so rigid in his/her wants and beliefs, the odds of finding that harmonious balance will be limited.

Only Allah swt knows for certain if and when this Muslima will ever get married. Until then I will keep smiling and making dua’s. Again thanks so much for checking back to see if I have updated the blog. Hopefully I will be able to keep it more current insha’Allah.

Oh if you hear of any available older (not ancient) brothers who are sincerely interested in marriage…you have my email.

Keep cool and Hugs!

The photo is from  greetings cards