September 29, 2009

I Am Only a Traveler

As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh & Peace to all!

My spirit is in search of comfort. To know with certainty that I will see Al Jannah al Firdaus but, it is not within my power. I was raised to be responsible, thoughtful and successful. Where was my guidance and instruction for my faith?

If I hadn't mentioned it in my prior posts...I was told we were Catholic. I use the word "told" because it was not always obvious. Sure we would attend mass on Sunday but, that for me was where the faith started and ended.

As Muslims we are given the example of being a traveler in this life. Taking an occasional rest beneath a shade tree...before we continue on our journey. Thinking about death (especially my own) is not always an easy. However, ignoring it does not prevent us from returning to Allah (SWT).

This is the first post where I seem to be cautious with my words, maybe it is because this is such a personal subject. I know for certain that there is Paradise. Insha Allah my husband Mamoun, our wonderful children and those we love will be united forever. While I walk my path I will try and do as many good deeds as possible. Should we spend every moment preparing for death? I don't feel that is a healthy way to live. Instead living as if we are travelers appreciative for the goodness and blessings. Yet, never forgetting that this is not our (Muslims) destination. So I will never actually be comfortable in this life and that is good for me...insha Allah it keeps me guided on focused.

Serious Notes from Nazeeha

September 27, 2009

Where Is the "Customer"?

As'salamu Alaikum Muslimeen and Peace to visitors!

My voice is now rested. Alhamdulillah what does that have to do with blogging you ask? I talk out loud as I type. LOL not so loud that it sounds as if there is a major one-sided conversation happening...but, it's my way of editing.

Last week I must have spent half of the daylight hours dealing with various "Customer Service Representatives." While the remaining hours were curled up in a fetal position nursing the migraine resulting from the darlings of Customer Service. If you detect a tiny amount of sarcasm here...mission accomplished.

When did the idea occur that speaking to an automated voice response would soothe the jagged nerves of the customer? Now trust me, I have worked in Human Resources and dealt with almost every type of personality allowed to walk freely in public. While some I can almost assure you...should have remained home that particular day. Is it hard to have a pleasant voice and remain professional when dealing with the public? You Betcha! But come on, don't we deserve a human voice to hear our first question or complaint about the service we are not receiving?

The very things I love about technology, the instantaneous ability to communicate. To bypass unwanted information etc., is the same thing that is my sadness. Maybe the financial bottom line has, and always will be the winner. I miss hearing a pleasant voice...without having to punch in 100 options on my phone before hand, or play 20 questions with the voice system. Should it take almost 1 hour for a call that could be answered in 10 minutes?

Oh well, I guess I will just dial the number, place the phone on speaker and listen to the muzak! Bye Customer Service, you will be missed.

Heavy sighs and Notes from Nazeeha

September 25, 2009

As'salamu Alaikum

Sorry the past two days I have been trying to correct this blog format. That's life some days we need to focus on corrections and move forward. I keep this verse posted near my PC, today I noticed it and was grateful for the reminder.

"The example of a believer is that of a fresh green plant the leaves of which move in whatever direction the wind forces them to move and when the wind becomes still, it stands straight. Such is the similitude of the believer. He is disturbed by calamities (but is like the fresh plant he regains his normal state soon). And the example of a disbeliever is that of a pine tree (which remains) hard and straight till Allah cuts it down when He will." (Al Bukhari 9:93 # 588)

gentle reminder & Notes from Nazeeha

September 22, 2009


As'salamu Alaikum & Peace to any who visit!

According to the calendar the first day of Autumn will start, shortly before sunset today Insha Allah.  However, I think Summer is content to linger and heat up the days and nights.  There are numerous pleasures to living in an area with seasonal changes.  Watching the dance of nature as it transforms effortlessly into the next phase of life.   Subhan Allah...what a gift we receive each moment of the day from Allah (SWT).

The first time I experienced the sweet-scented fragrance of honeysuckle,  was growing up and playing in the warm (and often sweltering sun) with my friends.   "Momma West" was the name of this wonderful woman, whose home I would stay each summer.  She had this huge trellis of wild roses,  near the edge of her back yard.  LOL, not sure why the trellis was even needed...those roses had become a fixture of the backyard and our lives.

Now mind you,  as pretty as the roses was the sweet-scented honeysuckle bushes that filled the air.  Oh, my friends and I somehow made this terrific discovery.   If you gently pinch the end of the honeysuckle and remove the stem, you will get this single crystal clear drop of nectar.  Al7amdulillah,  it was like free candy!   Except you needed almost 100 of them to satisfy you.

The memory that I remember most is the perfume smell of the honeysuckle at night.  All most every neighbor had honeysuckle bushes in some spot of their yard,  so the air was always filled with the sweet but never clinging smell.  I didn't smell my honeysuckle this summer...but the memories are forever fragrant.

Summer Notes from Nazeeha


September 21, 2009

Over 12,025 Miles Away...

As'salamu Alaikum

I had a post already prepared in my mind.  But that's the splendid thing about life, if you keep your heart and mind open.   Alhamdulillah by the Mercy of Allah, life takes you and introduces you to new adventures and people!

Remember the movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?   In case you haven't  noticed, I like movies.  The part when Meg is at her computer and she hears the little ding,  followed by the announcement "You've Got Mail".
That is sort of like me.  I still get a smile when I receive genuine mail.

Today there was an email saying...I had a reply to one of my posts.  It was from a  sister living in a small village in South Africa called Windhoek.   If you don't mind I want to share the reply from my new, and Insha Allah future longtime ukhtee Ingrid Hawa Saloom. Subhan Allah, this is why I wanted to blog...because how else would I ever meet such wonderful sister in Islam.   When used for the purpose of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) the internet and other technology can unite this Ummah.   So here is the reply from my sister...12,025 miles away.

As-salaam alaykum...dear sister in Islam. i am pleasently surprise and fill with complete understanding of your experience with the Hijab. I live in a country at the button tip of to South Africa, with a very small muslim population.......we are a country of 1.8 million with a s much as less as 100 native reverts to Islam and a 150 other f/nationalities mustly South African Muslims india, Pakistan and some Libaniese, more then half of the sisters don't waer Hijab........ hence the reaaction of people frowning on a hijab......worse nikaap. in the hole capital Windhoek we have 5 sister wearing nikaap and were they pass people move out of the way in fear. i have be wearing hijab for the passed 15 years and till as we speak people stop me on the street to ask about this strange outfit i inherited from the Arabs? or are you married to an Arab they ask. i wear it with pride since is my door opener to dawaah alhumdu lilah. keep it up and uphold the islamic idedity.
Gratitude and Notes from Nazeeha

September 20, 2009

21 Days to Change a Habit

As'salamu Alaikum

They say in the study of behavior modification, it takes "21 days" to effectively change a habit. Now if that is true, I guess it would depend on the determination of the person. Or would it?

I have been thinking and already longing for the return or Ramadan. May we all live to see next year, Ameen. Subhan Allah a month devoted completely to the submission and sacrifice of worldly desires. Now, even though as Muslims technically we do not fast a complete day. The simple concept of "fasting" or denying oneself of daily pleasure or instant gratification, can be a bit overwhelming.

We suddenly find that we start to define the number of remaining hours before Iftar. "Oh, sure I can come and visit ukhtee" all the time we think, 3hrs. 12 mins. before Iftar..if I leave now blah, blah blah. LOL the question is, are we changing?

Alhamdulillah I felt a small change in me, only after Ramadan had left. When the night before, I still set my alarm to wake me 2 hours before Fajr was scheduled to come in. Why? Because by the Mercy of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) my soul had become use to having the recitation in the early hours fill my ears. My body willing humbled in sujood, seeking the forgiveness and guidance of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala). My need for nourishment, was replaced with the feeding of my heart. Change was taking place.

Insha Allah, these habits will be life long and continuous. You know sometimes a habit takes more than 21 days...maybe it takes an entire month of worship and sacrifice called Ramadan.

observing...Notes from Nazeeha

September 18, 2009

Have You Ever?

As'salamu Alaikum

Here's the thing, I have been having a very productive day Al7amdulillah.  Cleaned the house, have dinner all set for Iftar later tonight Insha Allah and even paid some bills.  Then I sat down and that was it, I felt suddenly exhausted. Not that "I'm a bit tired" feeling we all experience from time to time. I mean full on, "I can do no more, so don't ask me right now please." fatigue! LOL

Possibly it is a result of the end of Ramadan coming to and end.  Mentally and physically as Muslims we have pushed ourselves this past month in extra du'aas, extra acts of good deeds, preparing meals etc. Which for me at least has resulted in spiritual growth insha Allah...and the desire for a nice mental holiday. (smile)

For all of us, I hope and pray that we remember to take a few moments each day and replenish our mental and physical needs. Allah (Subhan Wa Ta'ala) has given our bodies rights over us...let us and treat our self as  well as we do our brothers and sisters.

Now that being said...I am going to take a tiny cat nap.  Fe Amaan Allah.

Weary notes from Nazeeha

September 16, 2009

Baby Blogging Steps

As'salamu Alaikum

Well,  let me start by saying Al7amdulillah for all matters...I am still learning my way around the web.  Now I guess I should clarify that statement, when it comes to "shopping on line" I am a true professional lol.  The areas that are still somewhat new is the world of "Bloggers."

What really makes a blog so interesting? For me it's that wow factor that I see when I view the page.
The personality of the person is there for all to view. For the short time in which you are reading their are in their little world,  so to speak. Also,  the people who follow you and invest their time along with you.  Sharing comments, support, disagreements etc.

My steps are still a bit hesitant as I continue on my venture of daily thoughts and or "notes."   Al7amdulilla,  last night was a complete hoot! I was reading a blog by this very good brother that I follow on Twitter.  So I am reading his posts...and even made a comment regarding the featured story.

So, I finish reading his page and refresh my tea.  Then before I leave his site I notice his followers and decide  oh, that's a good idea!  Because I hate to come across a page that I enjoy and forget to save it etc. Have you ever done that? do the whole history search thingy (yes, that is a word lol) only to never find the site again.

Well I click the follow me button...and poof! I am quickly connected to this other page asking me to create an account etc. Now, again I am making baby steps (smile) so after almost an hour later of trying to get out of this endless connection.  I decided I would just read his posts on Twitter...whew. Insha Allah I will get better so have a little patience with me while things get up and going. 

...Almost time for Maghreeb to come in (prayer in Islam) and will break my fast.  Hope I didn't ramble on too much.

it's just a note from Nazeeya

September 14, 2009

Breeze through your hair

Okay I know this is just the vanity of being a woman...but am I  was wondering to all my hijabi sisters.  Do you ever miss having a nice breeze blow through your hair?  Al7amdulillah I love my hijab and would never take it off. 

Smile...for now I will have to be content with the occasional wind that may blow under my hijab, offering relief and a reminder.  More important I know that my hair is not my, it is truly my hijab.

notes from Nazeeha

My first follower

As'salamu Alaikum

We all remember our "first"...first time we learned to ride a bike, prepare that perfect meal...give a speech etc.,  The reason why it is so memorable I think, is because of the effort we place in preparing.  Today I have my first follower for my blog!

But this person is more than a "follower". She is my sister in Islam, an inspiration and a complete whirlwind of energy and life! Al7amdulillah, Islam has given me more than I can ever explain...I now have a family in all the matters that are most important. Yes, geographically we may reside in various countries and cities however, our ties are from the heart and our foundation is Islam.  We will forever be connected as family and sisters and brothers in this life and insha Allah in Al Jannah al Firdous.

Al7amdulillah if I have 1 follower or 100...insha Allah I will always try to be positive and above all, be myself in my writing.

Just a quick note from Nazeeha

September 13, 2009


Okay, is the fact that I misspelled the word serenity as "serinity" haunting me!!!! Argh, it is the worst feeling.  I have tried to erase the word, physically push it off the monitor LOL. Hmmm...maybe no one noticed. They noticed Nazeeya, trust me they noticed.  If only the people who work at Blogger. Note to self--drink some decaffeinated tea.

I wonder if I deleted the post or maybe did a little cut and paste....okay just walking away from the keyboard.  Life's not perfect and obviously neither is my spelling.  Spell check why? whyyyyy!!!!

From my heart

As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh and Peace to all.

Recently I read a post about being prepared for one's funeral and Janaza, (Islamic prayer before the burial) what struck me was the viewing of the Janaza kit itself.  There it was...a few pieces of snow white cloth, the shroud and a few other personal items required.

Sitting here viewing what one day, Al7amdulillah will be used for me.  Now before you think to yourself "How morbid is she?" As Muslims this is where our sacrifice and daily submission will lead us.  The time for which we will be returned to Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) is only known by Him.  Each prayer we recite "...keep me steadfast when dying." Oh how beautiful and powerful are those words!  Because, even until the last second before we draw our last breath...Shaytan is whispering for us to doubt, fear and hopefully forsake our religion.  May we all be protected from the whispers, Ameen.

Shurkan (thank you) for my sisters in Islam who will prepare my body for my final rest.  Shukran, for treating my body with the respect and I try to maintain in life.  For those who will pray for me the Janaza prayer, Jazak Allah Khairam. and shukran for those who will lift me gently for my last symbolic walk on this earth...and then lay me on my side for my rest.

As you leave my graveside...your footsteps will be heard.  Subhan Allah may I be greeted with Salams from the angels and smell the gardens of Jannah al Firdous...may my grave be wide and filled with light and my good deeds. Ameen.

Shukran and Jazak Allah Khairam to my sisters who will take care of me on my last day.

From my heart....notes from Nazeeya


The hours right before Fajr are the most is an unexplainable feeling. No matter how tired I may feel when I wake up, Al7amdulillah after making wudu (preparing for prayer) my spirit is awake and ready for submission to Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala.

I am watching the sun slowly make it's appearance for the day. Do you ever take time and just sit? I mean without any distractions and wonder about all the beautiful and amazing creations in this world? Subhan Allah, I don't need to understand how the dawn sky can fade from the deepest midnight suddenly be filled with light. How the perfect sunset can give birth to colors that will never be duplicated again in the exact way.

Going to finish enjoying my remaining moments of calmness before the city fully wakes up. Take a moment and notice your day...more important enjoy it!

just some notes from Nazeeha

September 12, 2009

Why So Nervous?

Al7amdulillah you would think that I am writing the next Great American Novel...seriously I have left this screen and returned several times. "Get over myself", lol the chances of anyone other than myself reading this is minimal at best.

Going to fix a cup of tea. I think I feel a little confidence creeping in and I want to savor the moment! While my tea cools down and the smell of the lemon slices fill the air I will start with how I caught the blogging bug.

Remember that little show..."Sex in the city" well I was a semi regular fan. Exhale my ukhti's, (ukhti is Arabic for sister) note that I said "was" lol a fan. My favorite scenes were of Carrie sitting in front of her laptop typing away to meet her deadline.

Since accepting Islam many things have changed in my heart, mind and way of living. Al7amdulillah all of which has been for the better, insha Allah. You know the saying..."when it's right, you will know it?" Okay, for me Islam is right and perfect.

Often I think people make Islam to be this secretive, mysterious and often times misunderstood creation. I will readily admit I use to listen to the media's spin on "ISLAM" (cue mysterious music now) But, as with anything in life all aspects must be viewed and communicated fairly. So if you have never actually met a real life, breathing Muslim (smile) don't judge based on fears...I can assure you if approached with respect, you will find that we (I) are more than happy to share a dialogue.

My tea is the perfect temperature now. So this was my first blog and insha Allah it was not to scattered.

Just a few notes from Nazeeha :- )