September 24, 2010

Nothing Stays the Same

As much as I love writing and blogging, I find myself lost within this mental fog. There are numerous topics I want to venture into, but sorting out the direction of this blog is my dilemma.

So with that being said, I am going to send out my last little note today. It has been an absolute joy, reading and sharing opinions with you.

At this time, I will not give an estimated time when, or if I will return back to the blog. Insha'Allah if I do...I hope to be more energized and fearless!

No matter what the future holds, is not for me to say. But I know that giving refuge to the opinions of some, is no longer healthy. This life we live is not a test...there are no "do-overs" either we get it right, or we fail.

However during the time we are here, we are constantly searching. The search for truth, our place in this world, for value of our lives to others etc.

Insha Allah along the way these discoveries will be realized. In the meantime may all of us learn (myself especially) never give up the wonder of discovery.

Okay everyone keep positive thoughts because the negative ones will survive just fine without our encouragement.(smile)

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and my heart.

September 18, 2010

Hi Everyone!

The holidays of Ramadan and Eid have now I will return back to my blog. Insha'Allah everyone has been in good health since we last touched base. This is just a brief little post to say hi, and that you have been missed.

For all who sent me good wishes for Ramadan, my very best for you and your families. Okay I will try and post tomorrow insha'Allah. In the mean time hugs and my duas to everyone!

August 12, 2010

To the Ummah With Love

Allah's Messenger (SAAW) said, "When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained." [Bukhari]

Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims around the world!

This is not my usual post; instead it is simply an extended prayer. As we continue with our fasting and worship to Allah SWT let us each ponder over this feeling of unity.

There are no additional hours in the days, yet during this month we are able to accomplish all that we need to do. Our emotions towards one another are gentler; the Salams flow from our mouths like honey.

Insha’Allah we will continue to hold onto these beautiful experiences shared within our families and communities. May each prayer and day of fasting be accepted and rewarded Ameen. I will be keeping you each in my prayers…love you all for the sake of Allah!

August 4, 2010

It's Almost Here!

Exactly one week from today is the beginning of Ramadan! During this month, the majority of Muslims will celebrate this spiritual time with fasting and insha’Allah a symbolic cleansing of the soul.

Subhan Allah two years ago I experienced my 1st Ramadan. As a new Muslim I was so excited! But not for the reason you may think, because I mostly heard about the worldly part of this blessed month.

Sisters would tell me the fasting, probably being difficult the first few days, would become easier insha’Allah as the month continued. This was said in a matter-of-fact kind of way not giving much emphasis on the true meaning of fasting. As a new Muslim of only six months at that time, I was like a student, following my sisters for guidance.

So what did elicit the most excitement? It was the planning of the meals! I felt the meals during Ramadan had to be greater, and larger than any other meal experienced during the entire year! Recipes from the old countries [back home] were being emailed and translated from one relative to the next. The search for the perfect lamb or goat was essential. Sweets were being prepared days in advance, while the children counted down the days until receiving their Eid gifts.

I would call some of my sisters, and could hear the stress in their voices to finish cooking. The second the sun had settled below the horizon…it was on! Iftar (the meal after sunset) is meant to give thanks to Allah [swt]. The purpose of eating iftar is to have just enough to end the pangs of thirst and enjoy family and friends insha’Allah. Eating until you physically can not take another bite or sip or water, is never good. We should weigh less after a month of fasting – not more LOL.

The next “important” thing I learned was making sure to get my dress early. “What dress I asked?” Feeling a notable awkward silence, it was explained, usually sisters will by a new dress for themselves and new clothes for the entire family. Sorry husbands, but I hear you have to participate also in getting new clothes.

Eid is the Festival of Sacrifice and marks the end of Ramadan. So that was my 1st Ramadan, and it was nice and I was excited but not for the right reasons.

Just as I had searched for Islam, I also had to discover the heart of Ramadan. It is to ask for the repentance of past sins and mistakes. We are to ask forgiveness from one another if possible. If this is not feasible, then our intentions should reflect a sincere change for the better.

Reciting the entire Qur’an is also performed during the month insha’Allah. In case you’re wondering, I never bought a new dress for that 1st Eid or the next. And while my meals were simple, it was the idea of millions and millions of Muslims across the world united that truly fed my faith.

To my new revert sisters and brothers in Islam, I pray for your trials to be few but Allah knows best. There is nothing we can do that Allah [swt] will not forgive except associating others in worship to Him.

For all Muslims, insha’Allah we will leave behind our past faults. And start the New Year filled with hope. May we each live to see this Ramadan. I love you all for the sake of Allah [swt].

July 14, 2010

Marriage and I Do?!

Happy Summer everyone! Let me give a heartfelt thank you, for staying with me and to my new followers. I have missed my (our) blog more than you know.

Okay the window is open, and there is not a breeze to be found for miles…have summers become hotter? Yes! The answer is a resounding yes. But what can we expect in July; anyway recently I have been taking on the role of my own guardian/wali and cheerleader. The saying “taking the matters into your own hands”, has never been more appropriate.

These are the times I miss my best friend, without failure she would know exactly what to say to cheer me up – or have me laughing endlessly at life’s ups and downs. I have told everyone possible (almost) that I am on a quest to re-enter the land of marriage. Now for all you sisters who are sailing in the same boat as I…you know the combination of oddly bizarre mixed with “are you serious?” proposals that are being offered. LOL, there is a vast space between wanting to be married and being desperate to get married.

One particular brother required that his wife “keep the television on CNN and the news only, not talk much and know her place” in his home.

Hmm, now I know sisters you are asking yourselves…how is this brother still single? Shocker I know [cough] let’s just say I am almost 99.9% certain that he is still available. Email me if you would like to be introduced (insert laughter at anytime) and I will arrange an introduction. And for that .01% who think he is perfect, then masha Allah.

Seriously I know there is compromise in every marriage and through time insha’Allah both husband and wife, will learn to exist in their own harmony. But if a person is going to be so rigid in his/her wants and beliefs, the odds of finding that harmonious balance will be limited.

Only Allah swt knows for certain if and when this Muslima will ever get married. Until then I will keep smiling and making dua’s. Again thanks so much for checking back to see if I have updated the blog. Hopefully I will be able to keep it more current insha’Allah.

Oh if you hear of any available older (not ancient) brothers who are sincerely interested in marriage…you have my email.

Keep cool and Hugs!

The photo is from  greetings cards

June 24, 2010

Home Is In the Heart

He came outside carrying a weathered silver tray, which held two glasses of hot tea. Graciously he offers his neighbor the first glass. The two men sat overlooking the view and fell into what seemed to be a long conversation. You could see from the way each settled into the chairs, this was a familiar routine.

The place -- was Gaza and the view was masses of rubble and destroyed homes. The landscape now existed forever in their memories. However in the distance across the fence were the luscious green trees of Israeli territory.

I was watching a documentary on Al Jazeera. The family was just one of the 1.5 million affected by the occupation of Gaza. There is no possible way I could express the horror and oppression of these families. However, what captured my heart was the humanity.

The family lived under a tarp of heavy plastic blended with scraps of fabric. The pieces of steel rods found by their father acted as a frame for their home. A few pieces that were salvageable filled in the empty spaces.

The parents raised their seven children living in conditions that most of us would never expect anyone could survive. The walls had been long destroyed by enemy bombing. But what not destroyed was the love --- despite missing the absolute bare necessities for shelter, the essence of what a family unit is remained untouched, faith and love.

It made me think how often do I (we) rush our visits with family or friends. If a devastating event struck our home or community, would we relinquish our humanity towards one another?

I observed in the documentary far more than the destruction. I saw hope. As long as we hold onto a shred of kindness and civility in all situations, the hatred of man towards man will never win. A home and community can’t be defined simply by man-made structures. It starts with dialogue, the sharing of ideas. Alhamdulillah it can begin over a glass of tea. May Allah SWT give freedom and justice to Gaza and all oppressed countries throughout in the world!

June 20, 2010

Treasure Hunting!

Even though it is wicked hot outside, it’s still a great day. There is this really neat flea market in town that I’ll go explore.

It has been a local hot spot for artist of varying types. There is never a shortage of something new and interesting to be found. I think I will get an ice cream and do a little people watching---then hit the market.

I mean it is an absolute feast for the senses! Chefs and farmers sell their products weekly. Antique lovers can mingle and discuss the latest find, while making that perfect discovery…to add to one’s own collection.

My favorite haunts are looking over the selection of books. Sometimes the artwork on the covers is more interesting than the book itself. But I can’t leave without wandering over to the jewelry and vintage clothing. Love, love, love it!

Okay so I am headed out. Insha’Allah I will bring home some treasures.

Stuck In the Middle

I think I am going through a mid-life crisis!   Wow, did I actually admit that?

In a society where women are being overwhelmed with commercials and other various advertisements…reminding us to win the war on anti-aging! When did getting older become this full on battle? Perhaps the same time the word “older” was banished from the beauty and fashion industry.

Some marketing executive –decides that as women we need to bring back that “rosy glow to our skin” that we had as a child…and suddenly we are stocking up one every new facial cream, lotion or serum that promises overnight results.

I love my age…LOL, I earned my age through years of laughter, blended with a few tears along the way. Every phase of life has something that is uniquely special and fabulous to offer. It is our own perspective on how we deal with it.  My decisions and choices should ask two questions. Does it follow the Sunnah? And how will it benefit me in my faith?

Some of you may know about my love/hate relationship when it comes to face book.  For the life of me,  I don’t understand the fascination. Well that being said, last week I opened an account. My primary reason was to read information posted by some people I follow on twitter.  Long story short, I closed the account the next morning. It just wasn’t for me.  Being a part of every social network in existence is not on my agenda.

There are things I did in my 20’s and 30’s that hold no interest for me today.   Regardless of our age, it doesn’t mean we should stop challenging ourselves, or making new discoveries.  Life is about evolving and becoming a better you.

But on the road to discovery---make sure that we are in the drivers’ seat and the direction we have chosen is ours. Insha’Allah there will be many new adventures on my horizon.   I will keep you posted about the good, the bad and even the mid-life! [Wink]

June 6, 2010

Even A Jewel Has Its Flaws

Like a slow moving breeze on a summer day, that is how I would describe my emotions recently. On my last post I expressed my feelings of loneliness. Now I know there are certain matters that we can’t control, regardless of how much effort we devote.

Usually I bounce back quickly from a little trip down melancholy lane and get on with my life. But it wasn’t as easy this time. What exactly was causing this feeling? It was me! I needed to look myself in the mirror and admit … I was slowly allowing parts of who I am, to disappear.

Becoming so rigid in my attempt to be a “good” Muslim was in fact, breaking my spirit! It was not Islam that said I have to be flawless or detach myself from life, that burden was placed on my shoulders by myself alone. If you try and hold onto anything with all of your strength, after awhile, you will only feel the pain…of holding on.

I have accepted Islam as my faith and I don’t regret my decision for one second! What I do regret is why I felt the need to do a 180 degree turn from the woman that I used to be.

I miss my creativity of making jewelry. I loved going to flea markets looking for really cool pieces of metal or old beads etc. and then creating something new and pretty. Even my style of dress! I love old vintage clothing, gauze blouses and skirts.

What I am, is a Muslim. How I dress, is modest and a personal expression. What I believe? I believe that I will be okay insha’Allah (God Willing). Often searching for a change in ones life begins when we look inward. I use to think making drastic changes in my life; I would somehow absorb the true meaning of being a Muslim, that idea was wrong.

I don’t need to hold onto Islam so tightly, trying to be perfect because, it will never happen. Instead each day is an opportunity for growth, forgiveness, patience and acceptance.

And all these things I have to learn to give to myself first. So I will release my tight grasp…because an open hand can let go of what is no longer needed. But more important, it is able to receive.

Alhamdulillah I will learn to live my life without forgetting that mixed among my flaws, there is some goodness. And that is a pretty good place to start, Allah knows best.

In a way I am like the jewelry I enjoy designing. A combination of past and present, with just the right amount of sparkle! Sometimes it’s the tiny imperfections that make one special.

June 1, 2010

Worrying...Yet Again.

Every now and then I like to blog about faith. I need to write about is as a continuous reminder for myself, as well as a purging of all matters that weigh me down. These past few days…have accumulated worries and doubts that I have quietly pushed further down inside my soul.

To me, prayers are invisible words that travel on an extraordinary path. Insha’Allah they appear before Allah (swt) in purity and form once they have been received. My imperfections in words are replaced with the intentions of my heart, and only Allah knows best.

Yes, life is unexpected and this is part of the test we face as Muslims. But I wonder how I [we] stay guarded against heartache, seduction, or even more difficult in my life…the loneliness?

Alhamdulillah there are lectures which are very encouraging. Reading the Qur’an and hearing its recitation provides a comfort that is beyond words. However, the soul is still contained in a human body, and it’s natural to want the comfort and companionship of another person. Truthfully we are not meant to be alone! Okay so that’s not a news flash I know…none the less I am viewing this life in the single lane, and it’s not so great.

LOL, I can hear some of you saying, “Nazeeha, the married lane is not what it’s cracked up to be either!” As I said these past few days, are not going to be remembered fondly (insert sad face now) but, insha’Allah happiness is on its way! Let me be realistic, “happiness” may be too much to expect. But it’s my nature to remain optimistic.

Allah’s Apostle said, “The invocation of anyone of you is granted (by Allah) if he does not show impatience (by saying, “I invoked Allah but my request has not been granted.”) Narrated Abu Huraira: Volume 8, Book 75, # 352:

You know I just had a encouraging thought…what if my future hubby stumbles across my blog…and says “Alhamdulillah” I think by the Mercy of Allah (swt) she is right for me!

Alhamdulillah for letting me vent and insha’Allah keep me in your prayers.

May 26, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall?

The glitter is settling over the new 2010 Miss USA, Rima Fakih. She was thrust into the spotlight for several reasons. She is the first Arab-American to ever hold the title, and secondly she been photographed in some less than tasteful positions. The photo of her pole dance was the favorite of the media.

Now as a Muslima I didn’t associate her with my belief and practice of Islam. Miss Fakih said in an interview with Tony Cox on NPR, “I am born into a Muslim family; however, I’d just like to say that my family is not defined by religion.” Further, that her, her sister and their family celebrate both Christian and Muslim faiths…and “prefer to be called Lebanese, Arabs or Arab-Americans.” Just as Miss Fakih does not represent or speak for me as a Muslim, I can't speak upon her actions.

Although she acknowledges both of her faiths, it was the connection to being a Muslim which secured the most media attention. And as the saying goes, any attention is better than none at all! For the record I don’t agree with that saying.

Now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia they also have a pageant. However, this one is very different and it is called The Miss Beautiful Morals." The idea of the pageant is to measure the contestants’ commitment to Islamic morals…It’s an alternative to the calls for decadence in the other beauty contests that only take into account a woman’s body and looks, “ said pageant founder Khadra al-Mubarak. In theory this sounds like a great idea…but why do we need to make a competition between women at all?

I was wondering since it seems as if pageants will forever be a part of this culture and vast other cultures. What makes someone beautiful? And for my female readers and especially the sisters…would you enter, or have you entered your daughters in “beauty” competitions? As always…the male viewpoint is welcome here anytime.

Some of these competitions stress they are building self esteem. But it is my opinion that being paraded in front of judges and given a numerical score… is just the opposite.

I know by nature, as women we enjoy feeling and looking attractive. The problem for me is when beauty becomes the substance and essence of a person. It does not look like pageants are going to fade into the horizon in the immediate future. The most I can hope for my fellow sisters (Muslim) or not, is that we are beautiful as we are…and should never place the judgment by some panel to validate us.

May 19, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning!

For me, my faith feels more grounded at this time of the day…the moments quietly waiting for Fajr. This is when my heart feels most at rest.

The precious Surahs of the Qur’an are being recited in my mind. The worries of yesterday have not yet spilled into my thoughts.

It is during this solitude, I am aware that Allah by His Mercy is among the lower heavens listening to the supplications being offered from humble servants. It is in these still moments, that I experience absolute tranquility.

It is during this time that my soul is being fed, helping me to continue throughout each day. Like an unexpected storm, I never know who, or what events, will enter my day trying to weaken my faith. I keep Dhikr close to me. It is both my protection and my happiness subhan Allah.

The scrapes and bruises of heartache that have been placed on my spirit do not change me. It is a small price to pay, for the greater reward that I am striving to attain insha’Allah.

“And let not their speech grieve you O Muhammad (pbuh), for all power and honor belongs to Allah. He is the All-Hearer the All-Knower.” Surah 10:65

The day has come in…and only Allah knows what it holds. But for now, I am stronger and better than the day before insha’Allah.

Good morning world, you look wonderful!

May 6, 2010

Not My Style

I admit I enjoy reading blogs. Seeing a glimpse into the mind and thoughts of a person has always intrigued me. I am not speaking in a psychological interest, but just how people of varying cultures and lifestyles see and experience life on a day by day basis.

When I started this blog, it was for the intention of journaling my life as a Muslima. I share some of my frustrations and joys of life here in the West. That has not changed. For those who have written me asking why I don’t talk about more ‘titillating’ topics, the answer is easy---it is not my style.

Those topics would be of no benefit, except the possibility of increasing more followers. Alhamdulillah yes, I could easily write about the hot buttons for discussion. The mention of co-wives, sexual frustrations for non-married Muslims, internet sex, pornography, marrying non-Muslim men ---all of these topics would attract readers.

I have read some blogs by Muslims that explore these matters and for those who learn from them Alhamdulillah---Allah knows best.

While I love the input I receive, and welcome continued suggestions (within limits, smile) I will leave those subjects for the experts. It is so very easy to venture into fitnah without our knowledge. As respect for my brothers who read my blog, Subhan Allah I would never discuss a topic that would make them (and primarily myself) uncomfortable.

Sure there are some who will say ‘We are all adults…that is what’s wrong with the dunya, we don’t want to face what is happening today!’ Yes, we are adults, however, we all know that kids are computer savvy. So I try and edit a little of what I discuss.

Insha’Allah I try and remember the taqwa of Allah swt in everything. So if you are looking to read some sexy stuff…mixed in with Islam, it won’t happen here.

I respect everyone’s choice to express their writing in a manner that is comfortable for them. Personally I find intimacy is best when expressed between husband and wife, now that can be very sexy! I don’t have a husband but, insha’Allah one day I will. Until then my thoughts on those matters are happily in my mind, with no need to be expressed.

…Hey, there are some Notes from Nazeeha, which will remain private. Love you all for the sake of Allah, and keep the comments coming.

April 28, 2010

Is That Mine?

Cell phones, okay so I have had mine for about 4 years (give or take) and to this day…I still don’t recognize my ring tone! Let me correct that statement, I recognize it, but I also respond to every ring tone I hear!

Seriously it’s like some bizarre Pavlov’s response (except for humans) when it rings, off I go, only to embarrass myself. I don’t think I am the only person in this universe who fought getting a cell phone, am I?

The only reason I succumbed to the pressure LOL, was because my boss demanded 24/7 access. Please I worked in Human Resources; there were not many “staffing” emergencies which occurred during the wee hours of the night.

So now I have this phone and even though it has been with me for sometime, we still haven’t created that bonding moment. You know that moment of discovery, people get when they realize, they can’t live without their phone!

We either know the type (or yikes!) are the type, who are never more than an inch away from their link to anything…other than what they are presently doing.

When did we as a society need to be so accessible? I was outside; doing nothing in particular and I was astonished how many people were on their mobile! Oh my goodness, even people sitting having meals were not fully engaged in the moment.

I guess this is just the times we are living in. And by the way…I don’t own one of these fancy iPhone or Blackberry’s or whatever the latest release is today. I am the proud owner of a Virgin Sidekick --- don’t judge me it was a good price and had a fully QWERTY pad for texting *smile*.

So while I may never experience that bonding moment with my Sidekick, I keep her somewhere in the house. As for responding to various rings tones that I hear…that may take e a little time. Oh my ring tone, get this…is an actual sound of old fashioned phone! Brilliant I know…LOL, gotta go I hear a phone.

April 27, 2010

Life Lessons, Repeat as Needed

I admit there are some lessons in life that need to be learned again and again. Sure we may think at times, that life has treated us less than fair. We somehow may feel we are being overlooked, while others are being given abundance.

And you know what? Life is not portioned out in happiness for some, and misery for others. This life for however long it is given to us…is guaranteed of providing one constant occurrence---trials.

There is not an individual in this world that will not, has not, or is not currently experiencing a personal trial or fitnah in their life. For me I am undergoing my own gift. The reason I will refer to my trial as a gift…is because insha’Allah it will leave me a better Muslima and person going forward.

Everyday our faith is being tested. How we react to situations and circumstances are dependent upon our level of tawheed, [Belief in Allah’s Divine Lordship; Belief in Allah’s Divine Nature and Belief in the Names and Attributes of Allah] As Muslims we raise our level of tawheed by endless worship to Allah (swt).

Sayyid Qutb (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “As for the believers whose hearts are connected to Allah, whose souls are close to Him, who experience His constant bounty – they do not despair of the Mercy of Allah even if they are surrounded on all sides by disasters and severe hardship. The believer is in the mercy of the shade of his faith, the pleasure of his connection to his Lord and the tranquility of his confidence in his Guardian even when he is in the throes of hardship and disasters.” ‘Reflections: Expecting the Best from Allah’ --- By Abu Muhammed al-Maqdidi

While I have much to learn in my life as a Muslima, I am assured of the Mercy and Forgiveness promised to us, from Allah (swt). Insha’Allah my purpose is not seeking to be perfect…but to seek the perfection in my search. Allahu A’lam (Allah knows best) what is planned for this Muslima, all I know is that…it will be given in His time and not mine.

I wish to thank my brother for sharing the above entitled book. Jazak Allah Khairan

April 21, 2010

You Have It, Now What?

The other day I was watching a show and the question was asked, “Do women still want it all?”

Women have been raised with the ---we can have it all --- attitude. Marriage and motherhood all while maintaining a successful career. We are led to believe it is all ours for the taking. Often while we are establishing our careers, we just assume life will pause and be there waiting for us.

Now this may not be a politically correct statement, but then my little blog is a collection of my thoughts and opinions, so the risk of any repercussion or backlash from the masses is minimal --- to non existent (smile).

Personally I never wished to be equal to a man. Nor do I consider myself a feminist, at least not by today’s definition.

A few of my friends not long ago expressed regrets over selecting career over family or vice versa. We relaxed around the kitchen table (usually for our girl’s day) and tried to justify having one versus the other. For myself I decided to scale back drastically in my style of living and work from home while I raised my son. For me it was the best choice, and I must say it was far harder than any job I have held outside the home--- in my life! (Smile)

For my other friends, their careers are their top priority and they never looked back. A couple of the girls do have it all...but admitted it's almost impossible keeping it all together and functioning.

A statement made by one of my friends was “I hate that men get to enjoy the career they want, and enjoy their kids!” We sat quietly for a few moments, because we could see her tears welling up in her eyes, she was not just upset, but angry! The silence led us to believe others at the table felt the same...but didn't want to say.

After a couple more hours of talking, laughing and enjoying good food…we hugged and said goodbye until the next girls day.

Later that night I wonder to myself, as women who are we competing with? Men for the most part will never be the one to stay home with the children. It is not there role. We were created by Allah SWT with specific roles as men and women in this life. Subhan Allah these roles are beautifully and perfectly designed.

I am not saying that women should not pursue a professional career. This is their choice. While for some women these days being a housewife and/or mom isn’t the most glamorous or financially rewarding life. I love the idea of being married again one day insha'Allah. So what may not be rewarding now, as believers we understand…our true rewards come in the next life.

So the question remains, do women still want it all? That question probably will never have an absolute answer. Alhamdulillah having it all---doesn’t mean we need it all.

April 18, 2010

It's Not Always Friendship

Recently I have revisited my definition of friendship. All too many times we (me included) are quick to use the word friendship in describing someone we are in fact, only well acquainted. True friendships are rare. They are developed over time and life experiences, not by following a person on a social network.

Usually I am a mellow personality…and this may be the problem. I blame myself for believing that each person I meet or have contact with…is automatically my “friend.” Let me state for the record that belief has been greatly diminished.

My lifestyle is uncomplicated and relaxed, with very little room for theatrics! Somewhere along the way, I have allowed other “sisters and brothers” to make me feel guilty. I have been made to feel guilty for not adhering to their way of thinking. If I follow or un-follow certain people on Twitter for example, comments are made.

Friendships for me are the most valuable relationships, other than husband and wife. Subhan Allah we are advised in Islam to befriend our sister and brother. We are told that we are all united by our faith…while this is true; it does not mean there won’t be conflict of opinions or major personality differences. We as Muslims are individuals, who share the same religion. However, sharing one’s faith…does not obligate us to be instant friends.

For any sisters or brothers who feel I have offended, or wronged them in the past I sincerely apologize. If I decide not to continue a social relationship with a person…that is my option. And I should not be made to keep explaining why.

So I am removing myself from high school behavior. I didn’t play the mind games then, and I certainly am not going to start at this time in my life. The only things I need in this dunya, I have already received. Alhamdulillah whatever else Allah SWT ordains I will be forever grateful, and what He forbids…I know is best.

My grandma use to tell me to be careful in speaking, when you are too tired or upset. She would say once some words are spoken, they can’t always be easily forgiven or forgotten.

Taking time to think before I speak has proven to be one of life’s best lessons insha’Allah. To my sisters and brothers in Islam, I love you for the sake of Allah as I am required. For my friends (which are very few) I love you…plain and simple.

April 13, 2010

..Lessons Learned

I was chatting earlier today with my dear brother about whether or not
he should start studying his books out of sequence, or wait he has then entire set. So I suggested he start reading the volumes he has now…because it’s possible there is a message he should receive now insha'Allah. Allahu A'lam
(Allah knows best)

We were briefly discussing spiders from a previous conversation, when I told him about the spider whose web protected the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr (ra) while they were in the cave.

It was this delicate web of the spider that shielded them from the enemy. The web gave the appearance of existing across the cave for a long period and not having in inhabitants thus, making the enemy walk by the cave leaving the Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA) unharmed.

My brother then asked if I knew the animals mentioned in the Qur’an, which are not too be harmed. I thought about it, and replied with what I thought were the correct answers. Finally I admitted I didn’t know, and for me this was to be my lesson!

It’s not always the answer that is most important, but the approach and receptiveness we have while seeking the truth. Every moment is an opportunity. Every moment there is a message, and for me it was about surrender. Not allowing room for ego in my life! Now, while I thought finding the answer to my brother’s question was my task…my lesson was completely different!

Thank you brother for letting me realizes that to admit “I don’t know” is perfectly okay. Your patience reminded me that as sisters and brothers in Islam…we are to always treat each other with the best of manners.

Again my brother said it best, “Allah (SWT) guides in ways we don’t expect or recognize.” Jazak Allah Khairum!

Oh and for those who wanted to know, the animals not to be harmed as mentioned in the Qur'an are the bees, ants, birds…and the baby animals. The babies, while they may be halal for eating will upset the mother if taken from her, and for that they shall not be harmed. There may be others, Allah knows best.

April 9, 2010

Are You Kidding Me!

Two posts in the same day, you know it must be something special! Okay let me set the scene. I will skip telling my morning routine and get to the good stuff.

So I turn on my mobile and computer…sorry but I need to unplug at night and enjoy pure quiet. Okay, okay! Well I hear the little beep telling me I have a message. I check it and see that my sister has started her blog once again (wink) great I think to myself.

Then I check my emails to see if anyone has missed me desperately during the night…and as usual, no one has. After replying to some emails and checking my schedule, I decide to read my sisters blog (now I am speaking of my sister in Islam) in case any of you may remember, I am an only child.

Well, I am reading and I get maybe halfway into the post and she writes the following “its official: I’m Engaged Wow…but anywho”

Are you kidding me? First you don’t just announce you’re engaged in a blog, and you sure as sunrise…don’t say it mid way through your post! I was speechless, No I am serious, for a few moments I didn’t have the capability of speech or thought.

Alhamdulillah when my brain and motor skills we back in sync, I did what any other woman does when she hears great news (especially a pending marriage) I squealed like a little school girl! I immediately called her only to hear…voice mail. But, that was best because all I could manage through my tears of happiness was “Mabrook! Oh, sister I am so happy for you…”

If I had a daughter she would be just like you…stubborn beyond words, and filled with the greatest of hearts.

Masha Allah you got engaged in your own time and you announced it in the style that is all your own.

Love you bunches
P.S. Oh my goodness, your getting married!

Ummi/sister Nazeeha

In Between Prayers and Faith

In between prayers and faith, I discover a peace and quiet that reaches beyond this earthly horizon. Giving me a small glimpse of what I can only imagine is waiting in the Akhira.

Becoming content with me as I am…and not yielding to what others would have me to be, is indeed a prayer answered.

In between prayers and faith circumstances happen beyond my control. Subhan Allah however, they are not beyond the control of my Creator.

What I once felt would destroy my heart, on the contrary has given it wings. I take flight to rest my soul in the Mercy of Allah SWT…until I am ready to continue with what lies before me.

In between prayers and faith I now understand completely what it means to want for my sister and brother, what I want for myself. I say mabrook to my cherished sister.

Laughter and tears of joy on a sunny morning will become a treasured memory. I humble myself in prayer and give thanks for everything that is good in my life. Remaining in prayer I ask for guidance for the matters which cause me confusion or sorrow.

In between prayers and faith, we rejoice in the announcement of a new life. We grieve and remember fondly the souls returned back to Allah SWT. We take comfort in our final meeting which will never know separation.

When our time is completed in this life only Allah knows…but we will be asked about what we did here in this life. The things we did…or did not do between prayers and faith.

April 1, 2010

Day by Day

My Shahada was the entrance to what has become my existence in this life. Subhan Allah I have been very blessed; there have not been intense trials which have tested me. Yet it is the small events which often erode the spirit. Replacing what used to feel content, with nagging doubts.

As much as I try to stay strong it is increasingly hard. The seductions of this life are numerous. Too often this whisper repeats over and over…What will you do when you are really tested? There are moments when I actually feel like I am in another world! When I think about it, as a Muslim I am indeed a stranger.

I have memories of when I first became a Muslim. Would this new life require more of me than I could give, and how could I tell if I was being successful? While there are many scholars in Islam, I personally don’t know them. Each day the only measure I have to judge my growth in faith, is by being sincere in performing my deeds. But more importantly, is my reaction to these fears and setbacks in my life.

For me when a sense of melancholy overtakes me, I instinctively remove myself from all outside distractions. My reaction of how I react today and how I reacted before Islam is very different.

My sole purpose is to become still. I sit and remain still until I hear the beating of my own heartbeat. This is not any form of meditation, instead it is an awe inspiring reminder that I am not in control! It is an opportunity to release my inner most fears to Allah. In the frenzy of daily life, stillness is a welcome retreat and to me a form of worship.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Verily, I have left among you the book of Allah, if you hold fast to it, you shall never go astray.” The Sealed Nectar

When or how I handle a severe test of faith, Allah knows best. For now searching for that inner stillness and reading the Qur’an is my comfort. May Allah give me what will increase me in faith, and may all my trials be a lesson and a healing…Ameen

March 26, 2010

Peanut Butter & Crackers...

I’m sitting here in my pajama bottoms and an old “Rolling Stones” tee shirt, eating peanut butter and crackers. Why didn’t I get something to drink while I was in the kitchen? Anyway, okay so here’s the thing…I am warning you ahead of time, that this post is a combination of random thoughts and feelings over the past few days etc. The probability of it making sense to anyone (other than me) is slim to none (smile).

Over the past 48 hours I have had…oh, about fifteen combined hours of sleep. I don’t even try and fight it anymore. Insomnia has become a dear friend. Wednesday, my housemates were away so I had some “me” time. Usually I am always in hijab if they are here, only because I never know when someone will want to pop in and say “Hi”…or want to talk for awhile.

So whenever I have time to myself, immediately the hijab comes off and I throw on some jeans and tee and just unwind! I fixed a yummy dinner for myself, set the table and lit the candles. Just because you are eating alone, doesn't mean you can't make it pretty. And anyway, if you don't treat yourself with kindness. how can you be kind to others? I spent the rest of the night reading, chatting with my you bunches, and just doing little things around the house. The best was waiting for Fajr and all the beauty and stillness of the early hours.

Lately I have a sense of new adventure standing on my horizon. Alhamdulillah, I am keeping my heart and mind open. And by possibilities (I mean a husband, wink)I know he is out there on this great big planet. You hear stories about how people meet...only to discover they have lived in the same neighborhood.

The other day I was thinking, insha’Allah this will be my 3rd Ramadan coming up, and how good it would feel, not be celebrating it alone. Don’t say Nazeeha be patient; I am trying my very best. This is where my endless optimistic outlook helps me.

You know I use to write little notes and keep them tucked away in this floral box on the top shelf of the hall closet. These were a combination of beloved memories, little trinkets from places visited or traveled. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with my son… I came home, sat down and immediately wrote my future baby a letter. I was going to be a mom!

I wanted to share this immediate rush of love and hope that was inside me. It was several pages starting with the words “To my little life inside me” It ended with me promising to love him/her unconditionally until my last breath. That little life that was growing inside me, is now twenty-one and Masha Allah my love for him, is never ending.

Only Allah (SWT) knows what events will happen in my future. I have plenty of paper for many, many love letters and notes,insha’Allah.

See, I told you this was a combination of random thoughts. Hope there was a sprinkle of sense in between the bits and pieces. Well the peanut butter and crackers are all gone…off to get something to drink, bye!

March 9, 2010

I Hear His Prayer

I am sitting wrapped snugly in my robe, quietly thinking about the start of my day. The cold from the night forces me to get an extra blanket and settle back in my chair, I open the Qur’an and begin to read.

The sky is still blanketed in darkness, dawn not yet approaching. Then I hear him, this tiny bird, his song starts without fail. A creation so small is offering prayer. What else could this beautiful and delicate sound be except and offering being given back to his creator?

I can only hear this sweet sound… I have tired to see him against the night sky but I never can find him. But then I think, why should I witness what is meant only for Allah swt, and I say Alhamdulillah.

I worried about the birds especially this winter with the severe weather. Thinking surely they will freeze under these conditions, as we were warned daily from the news to remain inside, and go out only in case of an emergency.

Yet each morning as I prepare and wait for Fajr to come in, I still hear him. He survived the winter with all of its bitter winds and snow. As his song travels in the air; I am reminded of the Power and Mercy of Allah swt.

As strange as it may sound to some, I learned a lesson of perseverance from my little bird. Every day, regardless of the circumstances…he is there somewhere in the tree. His sweet soul is not affected by any change that the day brings to him.

As simple as it sounds, I think too much of the everyday occurrences distract me from Allah swt. Insha’Allah I will learn to live with simplicity and more gratitude in life. Sometimes our life’s lessons won’t be found in the pages of a book or, spoken by some great person of knowledge.

There will be times, when the lesson will have already been taught, and we simply need to stop, listen and reflect. For me, today’s lesson was hearing the little bird’s prayer. Insha’Allah I will remember that no circumstance of life big or small…should interrupt me from giving back my gratitude and submission to my Creator.

February 16, 2010

I Come To You When...

I come to you often, unaware of what to say. Words travel through my mind with such urgency…spilling from my finger tips in search of the solace you provide.

The quite clicking of the keyboard is the only sound I really hear. As I fill the page with my thoughts and emotions, I realize that a small part of me is left behind with each post that I share.

There is an intimacy in writing that keeps me returning to you. My mind speaks, while the stark white page listens. We communicate in a language developed by trust…

I come to you often, when there is an ache inside my soul. How many things have we shared, knowing it will never be read by anyone? Thank you for holding the outpouring of dreams, prayed during the silent moments. Writing allows me time to catch my breath. It forbids me from reacting with an emotion that is quick fleeting, or an action which may be unforgivable.

The typing slows and for now, my thoughts are released. Always know I will come to you...when.

February 13, 2010

Domestic Violence in Islam

Every 15 seconds in the U.S. a woman will become the victim of Domestic Violence. As women, mothers, daughters and Muslimas we have to speak out. If we know of someone who is being abused and say nothing, we are continuing the cycle of abuse. If you are the victim…get help! It may seem impossible but take the first step my sister.

This issue affects women around the world, Muslim and non-Muslim. Domestic violence is not limited to nationality, ethnicity, religious beliefs or social status. May Allah give us all the courage to speak out…and if needed, to GET OUT!

February 13TH 2010 is Purple Hijab Day. Unfortunately even in our very own Muslim communities, the lives of our sisters are being ended often at the hands of a “loved one” Let us remember Asiya Hassan who was murdered at the hands of her husband. She is a representation of thousands of cases (most never even reported) which occur in this world every day.

Domestic violence, also known as spousal abuse, occurs when one person in an intimate relationship or marriage tries to dominate and control the other person. Domestic violence and abuse are used for one purpose and one purpose only: to gain and maintain total control over you. An abuser doesn’t “play fair.” Abusers use fear, guilt, shame, and intimidation to wear you down and keep you under their thumb. Your abuser may also threaten you, hurt you, or hurt those around you. The information below is from a Domestic Violence website.


Do you:
• Feel afraid of your partner much of the time?
• Avoid certain topics out of fear of angering your partner?
• Feel that you can’t do anything right for your partner?
• Believe that you deserve to be hurt or mistreated?
• Wonder if you’re the one who is crazy?
• Feel emotionally numb or helpless?

Does your partner:
• Humiliate or yell at you?
• Criticize you and put you down?
• Treat you so badly that you’re embarrassed to see your friends or family?
• Ignore or put down your opinions or accomplishments?
• Blame you for his abusive behavior?
• See you as property or a sex object, rather than as a person?

Does your partner:
• Have a bad and unpredictable temper?
• Hurt you, or threaten to hurt or kill you?
• Threaten to take your children away or harm them?
• Threaten to commit suicide if you leave?
• Force you to have sex?
• Destroy your belongings?

Does your partner:
• Act excessively jealous and possessive?
• Control where you go or what you do?
• Keep you from seeing your friends or family?
• Limit your access to money, the phone, or the car?
• Constantly check up on you?

If any of these signs are a part of your life, please seek help. Let us give a voice to this horrific tragedy. No matter what your abuser says, you did nothing to deserve this behavior!

February 10, 2010

A Winter Wonderland & My Pet Peeve

I decided to come out from my warm little corner…it has been snowing on and off here since last Thursday. And yes, I love every single flake.

Now with the “Blizzard 2010” (the media named it, not me) comes the opportunity to observe both the best, and the not so good in our fellow man. Neighbors helping each other dig out from one of many white lumps…hoping it is in fact, their car being rescued. Stores marking their prices 3 times the normal price, you are part of the bad part in mankind, this is good example of riba.

Subhan Allah seeing the city dressed in mounds of pure white snow is stunning. Photographers of all ages are out capturing this rare site. The White House and government buildings closed…city sidewalks vacant of the usual hustle of daily commute. I can actually walk down the middle of any main street and not see any traffic. The solitude is delicious.

Now I have a little pet peeve. Okay, so we know I am not a whiz on the internet. In fact, let the record state (when did this become a legal thing, lol?) that the only social network I like is Twitter! Nobody can post more than their allotted characters, unless they add this Twitter longer thing. So my peeve is, now everything is either linked to face book or my space. Sometimes I see a post and I think, “Oh interesting let me check it out” so I click…and low and behold, another link to join someone’s face book before I can see the link! Argh…no, I won’t become your “friend” and I don’t want to vote for your page. I only wanted to see the link posted.

Friendship is a gift that takes time to develop and is reciprocated by all involved. So just because someone fills out some information to join you…it doesn’t make them a friend. Let’s not become so attached to a social network, that we forget how to interact as humans in life.

Okay my pet peeve has been properly vented, smile. I think I will return to my winter wonderland. And, I don’t have to join anything to enjoy it insha'Allah. Stay warm everyone!

January 31, 2010

The Hearts Rhythm

Where does my heart go when I abandon it? When it is intentionally starved of love and affection…yet is must remain beating to an unsure rhythm that keeps me alive.

Fragments of promises made and lies revealed are located in my mind. I keep them as reminders of what happens when I trust.

I can no longer keep my hand extended, hoping to feel yours giving me protection and comfort. May I have patience to stay firm in my beliefs while moving forward in my time, at my own pace.

Please let me never hear the words of future plans that have no foundation to build on. Today is all that I can trust, and all that I can give you.

Where does my heart go when I abandon it? It goes to a place of constant fear and worry. I feel it tighten inside my chest as if warning me of more hurt to come.

I miss conversation that is shared by two. While words have power, they can never give the intimacy of a human voice.

My heart can not trust anymore. My guard for my heart is more secure than ever, it is my responsibility to protect me…I refuse to automatically believe someone because he or she is Muslim.

It is not the faith that I question, it is the actions, which have earned this response…there has been enough damage done to my heart and my spirit. I need to rest and not react.

Where does my heart go when I abandon it? Insha Allah it turns to Allah subhana wa ta’ala…its creator. All praise to you Allah for hearing the silent cries and pleas that come directly from my soul…and giving me all that is best for me. Insha Allah I will take better care of myself Ameen.

January 27, 2010

No More Vacancies

So has my mind changed about marriage? The answer is located somewhere within this post. Let me first thank all who read the first post “S.O.S. to My Brothers!” Your comments gave me some insight and after re-reading, I thought a follow up might be welcomed.

What I learned was some brothers are very supportive and even empathetic with the status of the unmarried sisters within the Muslim community. But the situation is still unchanged.

The increasing ratio of women to men doesn’t seem to be helping the situation. The sisters chances for finding the brother best suited for her, may take a little longer than anticipated...have patience and never give up believing.

Alhamdulillah fortunately I do not believe in chance. I place my trust in Allah subhana wa ta’ala. I know He will forever guide me to what is best for my life as a Muslima. The question remaining now is, what do I do in the meantime?

Recently I have spent way too much time thinking about marriage! Yes I know it is half of my deen, but right now, that half is not in the immediate future. Alhamdulillah what if marriage doesn’t happen for me, does my purpose in this life cease to go forward? No…on the contrary, while I am “single” this time is best spent increasing myself in Taqwa. Raising my level of iman and sabr (patience) because this is what is most important.

Do I still want to get married? Yes. This means complete submission. I have to know without a doubt, that if there is a brother out here for me Allah will bring us together. There are no stipulations attached to Allah’s plans for his servants, only that I (we) trust Him only and obey.

Smile, I will never say “I refuse to be a co-wife, or “I am woman enough for him.” These are statements born out of fear and possibly insecurity. How can a woman deny her husband what Allah has ordained? Or, why would a husband agree to his wife’s demand of monogamy? Allahu A’lam…a gentle reminder I (we) will have to answer for all of our actions and thoughts. Marriage does not equate to the ownership of a person’s heart. Loving for the sake of Allah wants… what or who is best for the other person.

So I have decided to evict the ghosts of marriage, which have been residing inside my mind these past few weeks. In there place will be time for me to become a better Muslima insha Allah. I keep my heart and mind open to all possibilities. If my future husband is out there, know that I am striving to be the best I can for Allah swt and the ummah.

There are no longer any vacancies in my mind, to ponder over thoughts which I have no control.

January 23, 2010

Islam, My Journey, My Faith

You can ask me what I had for dinner yesterday, and I will stop and think. Ask me at any time…on any day, when I reverted to Islam and the answer comes quickly to the surface of my mind.

Before I tell you when, I will answer the question of why? I was waiting to die. No, there was no illness of my body. My heart and soul were dead. My body felt like it existed without purpose.

It was not a morbid feeling; I just didn't connect spiritually in my mind to any faith. My family (who will remain private) and I were raised under the religion of Catholicism. Smile, I was that girl in the plaid school girl uniform for 12 long years! I was finally free when I attended college.

Believing in God, and knowing God I believe, are very separate concepts. I attended church on the obligatory holidays. I would drop my coins in the faded gold box that was firmly welded to the candle offerings table. Kneeling down I closed my eyes and prayed to any and all saints to help me!

College life, married life and divorce---were basically lived without a firm grasp on faith. I was always spiritual (or so I thought) but, did not claim any one religion as my own. It was only after having my son, that I contemplated something more,a desire to be better and to find something greater in this world.

I was a stay at home mom doing my best to raise a "good person." To give my son unconditional love, and provide him the opportunity to give back to this world. The strange thing for me was I could teach my son how to pray, however I was unable to teach him about faith.

One day while I was doing my routine housework, I started watching a documentary about the fastest growing religions in the world.

Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism were the featured religions. When the history of Islam was featured, I thought this is it! My heart literally changed its rhythm. I can’t explain it…it can only be experienced. My eyes cried over the sound of the Athan (The call for prayer) until I could barely see the screen. I remember going to the p.c. and searching frantically for this “music” I had heard. Smile, it was not music but, worship to Allah.

The year was 2007 and I said my Shahada and became a Muslim. I have a faith that is more important to me than anyone and anything in my life! Life for me revolves around Islam, not the other way around. I have lost some friendships but I will not, compromise my beliefs for anyone.

My family is very small, and is not what I would call practicing Catholics. My announcement that I was a Muslim…came over dinner and was greeted with complete silence. I mean crickets chirping…but as time passed and my mother and son (who is 21) saw that I was very serious, still said nothing. My son is accepting and my mother feels I am “sad and unhappy” or going through a phase. You have got to love her. Smile, well at least I have to love her.

That is all I will say about them for now. I love them deeply and will always make supplication for my mom and son to accept Islam insha'Allah.

Each day I love more, and learn more. Does Islam assure me happiness? No, but it does give me the freedom to be a stronger woman. I wear my hijab only to please Allah. There are no Muslims in my family and I am not married. So the question if I am being forced to cover…is a happy and sincere no.

My beauty and femininity are not displayed for the public, or defined by what the fashion magazines say is beautiful. In fact my makeup routine consists of a clean moisturized face and vanilla scented lip balm. Okay, when I am feeling particularly special...I will break out the kohl eyeliner.

My hijab is not worn as a political symbol. The way I tie it...or the pins which may adorn it are not the issue. More recently increasing government pressure is mounting to ban the wearing of the hijab and veil.

It is beyond comprehension how a group of non-Muslim elected government officials can speak for the choices made by Muslim women!

They say "don't judge a book by its cover." Maybe someone should tell these government leaders and their supporters...Don't judge the Muslima for her cover.

January 14, 2010

S.O.S to My Brothers!

Save Our Sisters… yes I am coming to the source. Well I am coming to my brothers. For those who follow my blog, you know I don’t like things complicated. So I want some honest feedback on this matter. Don’t worry guys it won’t be used against you in future writings, (smile) I promise.

The last few days I have been meeting with perspective husbands. Alhamdulillah according to the principles of Islam I am seeking to complete the remaining half of my deen. Now that sounds both serious and technical. It is serious…insha Allah this is a man that I pray will be with me in this life, and in the Hereafter.

After sitting and talking for a short time (there was a guardian in the home) with each brother a decision was made whether to continue the process, or decline. Let’s just say there were no further meetings arranged. My criteria for a husband are really simple…it’s the bits and pieces of life that weigh heavy on finding him.

As Muslims we can’t date, so we have our Walli or guardian arrange for us sisters to meet the brothers interested in marriage. This is where the fun begins. It seems difficult for the man to fully grasp that “marrying” is not or should not be the end of the process. Ladies want to feel a connection, and yes we can usually tell right away if there is a spark. I am not speaking about the romantic aspect of marriage, insha Allah that will come after time.

Bothers I wasn’t born a Muslim and thus, my Walli is not in my family. How does a man who has never met “me” search for my future husband? I have spoken to several sisters and this is a very disheartening issue. Yes we can go to a Masjid and insha Allah the Imam will help find us someone…but, no one is getting to know the sisters! I give my bothers credit; I know they are capable of holding a conversation with a sister without crossing the line into the haram. But come on…a guy will research the specs for a future car or new gadget for weeks comparing all the facts before making a decision. A sister says she is interested in marriage, and they simply put out a call to all available parties.

Don’t your sisters deserve better? Why are we only a consideration when the fear of sex outside marriage is looming in the air? Alhamdulillah I am asking that the brothers recommend only, who they know very well. Want for your sisters in Islam, what you wish for your daughters or your blood sisters. Jazak Allah Khairum for the brothers who are sincerely helping us in our quest. Okay I will step off of my soapbox and listen. Insha Allah this will give me some insight into this marriage process….hey and please don’t be shy. As brothers do you have some of the same worries as a sister?

P.S. For the brothers I met, may Allah (swt) grant them the best of wives who are good for them!

January 2, 2010

The Invisible Muslima

Somewhere in every country; city and village there is a section of Muslimas that are not being represented. I call them the…”Invisible Muslimas” I am one of the invisible.

I have noticed when the Muslim woman is spoken of or depicted…the image is that of the young woman barely out of her teens. She struggles between carving her own identity as a Muslim woman, and feeling the not so subtle pressure of her family and culture to marry and start her family.

But in between younger woman and the elderly…is where I fit in. Perhaps there is a secret society that I am not aware exists. I mean come on…”All my Muslimas who are in there 40’s and 50’s stand up! (Sound of crickets) Each generation needs her own special group of friends, a sisterhood who relates to one another. In general Muslima or not, women have always been supportive of each other and their friendship a treasured gift.

Unless, and please let me be wrong, that a sister who is beyond 25 suddenly becomes horrified to reveal her true age. Trust me I understand that society places emphasis on being young and age defying…but ladies let’s face it if we continue to feel that being older should put us out to pasture…then our life will cease to exist.

This term “cougar” are you serious? Have you seen a cougar in action…they target their prey, and when it (He, in this case) is not watching….they pounce and go for the kill. Alhamdulillah I am not a cougar seeking any prey to drag back as a trophy.

I am a Muslima that is a little disheartened by our issues not being addressed. But, since there is no Muslima over 40 in existence (wink) insha’Allah I just might elaborate on a few thoughts that have been on my mind, and share them in my blog through out the year. Who knows maybe I will spark a revolution…where Muslimas and all women will be accepting of themselves no matter how old. At the end of the day it is our heart that defines us as women. Masha Allah we are lovable, sometimes impossible and often wonderful at any age.

…I don’t feel so invisible after all.