September 24, 2010

Nothing Stays the Same

As much as I love writing and blogging, I find myself lost within this mental fog. There are numerous topics I want to venture into, but sorting out the direction of this blog is my dilemma.

So with that being said, I am going to send out my last little note today. It has been an absolute joy, reading and sharing opinions with you.

At this time, I will not give an estimated time when, or if I will return back to the blog. Insha'Allah if I do...I hope to be more energized and fearless!

No matter what the future holds, is not for me to say. But I know that giving refuge to the opinions of some, is no longer healthy. This life we live is not a test...there are no "do-overs" either we get it right, or we fail.

However during the time we are here, we are constantly searching. The search for truth, our place in this world, for value of our lives to others etc.

Insha Allah along the way these discoveries will be realized. In the meantime may all of us learn (myself especially) never give up the wonder of discovery.

Okay everyone keep positive thoughts because the negative ones will survive just fine without our encouragement.(smile)

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and my heart.

September 18, 2010

Hi Everyone!

The holidays of Ramadan and Eid have now I will return back to my blog. Insha'Allah everyone has been in good health since we last touched base. This is just a brief little post to say hi, and that you have been missed.

For all who sent me good wishes for Ramadan, my very best for you and your families. Okay I will try and post tomorrow insha'Allah. In the mean time hugs and my duas to everyone!