October 29, 2009

American Woman?

As'salamu Alaikum

The song American Woman by Lenny Kravitz is booming in my mind as I blog. Have you ever had a talk or discussion and suddenly have it come to a screeching halt? The happy you have good brakes type of halt. Last night...I had made the comment that I would like to live on a Muslim compound (Waco, Jim Jones, Warren Jeffs) not even close to what I was referring.

Okay, probably community would have been the better word. I was also reminded that I am an American woman thus, hated by most of the world's population. My loyalties are to my religion first and always. Do I love my country? Absolutely. The reason I love it...this is where my memories exist, where my child was born and raised.

If you ask most people about their origin of birth, they will say they love "their" country subhana Allah. Not a listing of political issues. I was told by my sister in Islam..."U are not American" if I travel with her. That "Americans are HATED everywhere", and advised to put down my flag.

Traveling within this country and other countries, my experiences have all been positive! Alhamdulillah I have not met all the people of the world, or every American. So, I can't accept the statement all Americans are hated.

Maybe I am enveloped in a positive outlook regarding life. Yes, negativity and hatred will continue to have a platform for all who care to listen. Personally, I love seeing the glass 1/2 full... Oh and for the record, I would still love to live in a Muslim community in any wonderful place in this world insha Allah!

Muslima + American = Nazeeya (music fade out)

October 25, 2009

Steel Magnolias

As'salamu Alaikum

Magnolias...anyone south of the Mason Dixon line knows the delicate flower that I am speaking about. Or you simply may remember that hysterical movie with Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Sally Fields (well you get the point, smile) I am talking about strength.

The magnolia, while it looks very delicate is indeed quite strong. Which is how I view the Muslima. Individually we may appear fragile. But this is our modesty, in public we carry ourselves with a quite grace & elegance, not drawing attention to ourselves...or needing the approval of the dunya.

Subhan Allah when you gather several Muslimas together, you find our backgrounds and experience encompasses all genres. We are professionals; domestics; students; community leaders; wives and moms. Each sister needing and dependent upon the other for the unique gift only she maintains.

So you see, the beauty of our sisterhood is not based upon a degree or title. Instead it is our love of Islam and for one another that keeps us strong. This past week has been on of the most difficult and shocking of my life. I have felt like a magnolia in a storm...bending but Subhan Allah, only by the Mercy of Allah (swt) I did not succumb to the trials and whispers of Shaytan. Along with the endless hours talking with my dear sister (shukran & Jazak Allah ukhti)who shall remain nameless.

I am the only one in my family, who worships Allah (swt) alone. But, I am amongst billions who each day turn towards the direction of the Kaaba. The roots of our religion are firmly grounded. And our blossoms are the new Muslims each day that accept Islam as their religion.

I love my sisters, we may not always get along (smile)or even share the same beliefs. But then why should we? Islam does not mean an instant connection will be felt by all. However, at the end of the day it should allow for forgiveness. Each du'aa my sisters and brothers are mentioned, insha Allah. Tough or delicate my sisters we are flowers...we are "steel magnolias"

October 18, 2009

What Remains?

Bismillah, As'salamu Alaikum

Some days life is so astounding you just want to shout it from the rooftop! That feeling of unexplainable bliss. Then, there are the other times when it (life) hits you like an unexpected Arctic wind. The sting of changing relationships...people revolving like a door in and out of your daily existence sometime without rhyme or reason. Yes, and even the level of my own iman. My faith is not steady always..but it never is broken Subhan Allah.

If given the chance to alter the last few weeks, would I? Well (as I watch the cursor blinking)I would say no. I've come to a discover that I will be okay. Insha Allah. After the pain subsides and the dust settles, I will be okay.

As women let's face it, we can be a touch dramatic. And I hate to admit it but maybe I have been starring in my own one Muslima show, LOL. Seriously, at the end of each day when I do most of my know what remains?

My belief in Allah (swt). The travels, experiences (good & bad), and the blessings of this world will continue to increase me in my faith. Not sure what tomorrow will bring...but I do know what remains. Insha Allah.

October 16, 2009

Islamic Soup for The Soul

As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Bismillah, starting in you heart...your going to want to add 3 to 5 verses from your favorite Surah (whatever feeds your soul that moment) and simmer slowly, 15 minutes. Of course the longer it simmers...the better. Occasionally reflecting on each verse before adding more.

Next clean all negative thoughts from your mind(smiling I know, but we can do it.) and replace the thoughts with the remembrance of Allah (swt). Usually 33 Alhamdullillah, 33 Subhan Allah and 34 Allahu Akbar. Oh, then add la illaha illallah and let it sit in your heart as needed.

Lastly, make wudu and prepare your heart to receive it's nourishment. Insha Allah this recipe can be made ahead of time...even at the last minute and served. And the very best part, it never needs to be refrigerated. Your heart and deeds will always maintain it's freshness.

Serves one or, the entire Ummah!

Love my sisters fisubilillah


Happy Birthday, Happy Each Day.

As'salamu Alaikum

Today is my "birthday" and for the first time I really didn't connect with the concept. lol, I don't mean I experienced a lasp of memory...simply that it wasn't important.

For me it was a day of pure gratitude and humble reflections.

"The creation of each one of you is brought in the womb of his mother for forty days as a germ cell. Then for a similar period, he is an embryonic lump (hanging like a leech, known as `alaqah in Arabic). For another forty days, he is a mudghah (like a chewed-up substance: shape of a four-week-old embryo); then an angel is sent and he (the angel) blows in him the ruh (soul). After this, the angel is ordered to write down four words. He is told to write down the child's [future] livelihood, his life duration, and whether he is to be miserable or happy". (Al-Bukhari )

So there was no cake and balloons or loud announcements etc., in fact it came and went without a peep. And I as sit here...this was the best birthday ever! Insha Allah I am trying to be less hung up on material extravagance. Have to be truthful, I still enjoys some pretty things. However, in no way is it a requirement for my happiness. Nor, is it a reflection of how much I am loved.

The true gifts are always given and received from the heart! Happy Birthday kid.r

October 14, 2009

You Have Done All You Can

As'salamu Alaikum

It feels like a storm within my heart recently. When there is no control over the destination of it's winds or what will remain after it has ended. The sun is always behind the clouds. Faith never leaves us, it can withstand all things.
There was this line from a Christian song (and I only mention for it's relevance)which says, "What do you do, when you have done all that you can?... you just stand"

Tears have been the rain, and worries are my violent winds. Alhamdulillah no matter what "I" am feeling inside . Allah (swt) has already heard and answered my prayers. As I have mentioned before in past posts...I am living each moment and day as it comes.

I share with you my feelings. I assure you they will not always have clarity but, this is my point! Life changes without notice or warning, and my experiences are reflected and written as such.

During these past weeks my sisters and anonymous brothers have been making supplication for my husband's health. Subhan Allah he feels your support and so do I. We make du'aa for each of you to receive the barakah from Allah (swt) We will have to leave this world as we entered...alone and insha Allah surrounded by those who love us.

I have prayed, I always believe and hope in the Mercy of Allah (swt) and now I stand. See you on the other side of the storm insha Allah.

October 12, 2009

Discomfort, Not Pain

As'salamu Alaikum

It was only a matter of hours until my migraine would have complete control. A serious full-on attack of the senses, resulting in hours and sometimes days of nagging discomfort.

Whatever happened to mind over matter? Oh, and these "triggers" that are associated with headaches...please! Pretty soon just that act of waking up will bring on the pain.

I am just beginning to feel like myself. But even the light from this screen is a bit bright. Alhamdulillah it could be so much worse, so I really can't complain. I have come to realize that since accepting Islam, each part of my life is only for Allah (swt) including the discomfort.

True suffering and pain is what my sisters and brothers "live" with in Gaza, Darfur, Abu Ghraib, Nigeria etc. Subhan Allah I don't know what pain really means. Never forget our Ummah...wherever they may live.

October 8, 2009

Time and Reality

As'salamu Alaikum

I have several things on my mind...but for now, time is needed with my husband and our family.

More than minutes ticking away, it is the measurement of our lives. How we use it I suppose is within our control to a certain extent.

Alhamdulillah as a Muslimah I know that I will stand before Allah (SWT) and hear how I lived my life and the goodness that was provided by my hands insha Allah. May my scales (and all Muslimeen)be weighted with good deeds, Ameen.

In essence how was my "time" spent. Treasure each second of each hour. My thoughts right now are elsewhere...but the Ummah is forever in my du'aas. Insha Allah I will still blog...but they won't be as lengthy. Smile, maybe that is a good thing.

When I first started blogging, I said it was primarily to sort the thoughts within my head during daily living. The number of followers (though appreciated greatly) is not the encouragement needed to write. It is...and will remain a source of release and personal reflection. Anyone who follows, Alhamdulillah.

Solitude & reality...Notes from Nazeeya

October 5, 2009

Words, Jagged or Smooth?

With my tea sitting next to me waiting to cool and then eagerly consumed, I was thinking about voices. Actually, the "tone" of a voice and how it is perceived and often the affect on those who hear us.

Don't we all have people in our lives that we love, and I mean love to hear from? No matter what you are doing or how happily sit down and share together in the moments. Because their voice and spirit are an instant treat to the ear and perhaps a strength for our iman! Masha Allah, you can almost envision them smiling as they speak, and you always feel a little better after being around them. We should try insha Allah to be a voice and place of support and comfort to our dear family in Islam.

I am reminded of how the Prophet (PBUH) spoke with the most wonderful of speech and his tone of voice never harsh or raised...except in rare instances. I try, especially when I greet another Muslim to be joyful in my speech. Not being, I simply mean who deserves our very best if not our sisters and brothers?

Kind of makes me think of walking near a lake. You know when you find that perfect little rock and skip it across the water and watch the ripple effect? Well the same can be said about words, and how they affect an individuals spirit. Daily we we have opportunities to be hard and jagged like a rock in our words. Or, like a rock which has been smoothed by water and time.

Our daily remembering of Allah (SWT) over time will soften the jagged edges of our mind and heart. If we are kind and thoughtful to someone, who knows they may in turn...extend the kindness to others. For me, I ask Allah (SWT) to always make me mindful of my tone and speech. To save the best of words for my husband and family. I am grateful for the continued joy I receive whenever I speak with or communicate by any means with my sisters.

Okay time to get some work done. Oh my tea masha Allah was delicious!

a tiny little rock along with Notes from Nazeeha

October 2, 2009

Behind the Clouds

As'salamu Alaikum

Today would be best described as gray and cloudy. Some might even say dreary. For me days such as these are usually spent working on some project, that hasn't quite yet reached completion....and in some cases it never will, LOL.

I also view a day like today as some how, inviting. Offering me a rare moment to reflect and see how "I" am doing. Making a du'aa to Allah (SWT) for guidance in my daily walk. Asking that I never become careless in my submission to Him, just because I am a Muslim it is not a guarantee for goodness in this life or even a promise of Jannah in the here after. My strength as I call my iman will weaken if not fed a incessant maintenance from the Quran, lectures and books of knowledge!

Without any hesitation, I feel that our souls go through seasons and daily changes like the weather. Have you noticed how the body and mind react to a cold winter blast or, the healing rays of the spring sun?

As I mentioned earlier...most of the day was cloudy. I took a quick glance out of my window (taking a much needed break from the monitor, did I say much lol) and there it sat. This isolated opening in the clouds, from where this radiance of sunlight streamed through uninterrupted. As if clouds knew not to hinder the view. Subhan Allah it made me that opening in the clouds the sun was always there, I simply had to search. For me that was my path to Islam. I knew there was a "a perfect religion" I just had to keep searching and looking. Allah guides whom He wills. Each day I give thanks and insha Allah I will always be searching and striving to be better...and enjoying the weather!

Sunny Notes from Nazeeha

October 1, 2009

We Are More than One Month

As'salamu Alaikum and Peace to any who visit!


Think Pink sister's! October is here and the PSA's are running for National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Oh, I don't want to think about it! may be thinking to yourself. Hey, not my favorite chat talk either and why? Maybe it's because we lost our sister, mom, daughter or best friend to Breast Cancer. You could be a survivor who still can't look at or touch the scars from your own mastectomy.

Alhamdulillah, as women we pour out so much of our strength and time for any and everyone except ourself. Don't we deserve to feel better and keep healthy for ourselves? As my sisters I love you all for the sake of Allah (SWT). As women in general regardless of our beliefs and backgrounds Breast Cancer doesn't care who it captures. There are of course women who are more prone to Breast Cancer because of family genetics and history.

This is just a plea to ALL WOMEN, make the time, and make an appointment to get checked. The best that can happen is you find your are cancer free insha Allah...and, if you discover you have it, then get your support and strength from thoses who matter most to you. Make "your" own plan of action to fight and insha Allah survive. Let's take care of our bodies all through the year because, we are more than just one month. For all the medical providers, researchers, educators and Survivors fighting for a cure...YOU ROCK!

A billion pink hugs & notes from Nazeeha!

A Beautiful Quilt

As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh & Peace

I love that first crisp night in autumn when we scramble to find our favorite blanket that has been tucked away since last season. Now the condition of the blanket is not important in the least. I mean it can be tattered and faded from years of washing or even thread bare who really cares? For that moment when you first wrap yourself up inside, it becomes a much missed retreat. It's the comfort and familiarity that gives us warmth.

For me I think sisters in Islam are like a beautiful quilt...we each are a separate patch unique and beautiful in our colors and shape. Our thread is the love and belief in Islam which holds us tightly together. As sisters we are there for one another if only through a quick message, call to her cell or more importantly a needed prayer. As seasons come and go, so may our frequent connections with each other. Alhamdulillah, there will always be a link from one sister to the next. As Muslimahs, we never run out of room in our heart to include one more sister with plenty of space for more.

We may share an afternoon of "girl talk" and tea. Giving mabrook over hearing the joy of a addition to the family, or announcement of an engagement or marriage. And the time we are most share tears as we receive the news of our brother or sister being called to Allah (SWT). The point is we never forget the sister who is not there. Islam keeps the Ummah and sisterhood alive. Making sure to say "Give my salams to Umm so and so" tell her she is in my du'aa

I shared a nice talk with a dear sister of mine today, we did some "catching up" (smile) missed you sis! So when you snuggle up and get comfy with your favorite tea or coffee by your side, take a minute and contact with a sister who you have not heard from in some time. Insha Allah the warmth felt from laughter and talking about what's been going on since you last spoke. It is warmer than even your favorite blanket!

Sentimental Notes from Nazeeha