May 19, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning!

For me, my faith feels more grounded at this time of the day…the moments quietly waiting for Fajr. This is when my heart feels most at rest.

The precious Surahs of the Qur’an are being recited in my mind. The worries of yesterday have not yet spilled into my thoughts.

It is during this solitude, I am aware that Allah by His Mercy is among the lower heavens listening to the supplications being offered from humble servants. It is in these still moments, that I experience absolute tranquility.

It is during this time that my soul is being fed, helping me to continue throughout each day. Like an unexpected storm, I never know who, or what events, will enter my day trying to weaken my faith. I keep Dhikr close to me. It is both my protection and my happiness subhan Allah.

The scrapes and bruises of heartache that have been placed on my spirit do not change me. It is a small price to pay, for the greater reward that I am striving to attain insha’Allah.

“And let not their speech grieve you O Muhammad (pbuh), for all power and honor belongs to Allah. He is the All-Hearer the All-Knower.” Surah 10:65

The day has come in…and only Allah knows what it holds. But for now, I am stronger and better than the day before insha’Allah.

Good morning world, you look wonderful!


ishqia said...

that is indeed a wonderful feeling mashallah, i have experienced it very much b4 when i used to pray tahajjud regulary,

nowadays my life has had much up and downs, travels etc ,

i m trying to pray tahajjud again and am longing again for that beautiful moments of peace , happiness and rest. when you feel the most closest to your lord.

hijabandroses said...

Masha'Allah for your reply. I understand how life can become a bit overwhelming. No matter how we may happens.

I will keep you in my prayers ukhti that you find your path back to tahajjud once again and your serenity.

Jazak Allah Khairan and thank you for visiting.