March 9, 2010

I Hear His Prayer

I am sitting wrapped snugly in my robe, quietly thinking about the start of my day. The cold from the night forces me to get an extra blanket and settle back in my chair, I open the Qur’an and begin to read.

The sky is still blanketed in darkness, dawn not yet approaching. Then I hear him, this tiny bird, his song starts without fail. A creation so small is offering prayer. What else could this beautiful and delicate sound be except and offering being given back to his creator?

I can only hear this sweet sound… I have tired to see him against the night sky but I never can find him. But then I think, why should I witness what is meant only for Allah swt, and I say Alhamdulillah.

I worried about the birds especially this winter with the severe weather. Thinking surely they will freeze under these conditions, as we were warned daily from the news to remain inside, and go out only in case of an emergency.

Yet each morning as I prepare and wait for Fajr to come in, I still hear him. He survived the winter with all of its bitter winds and snow. As his song travels in the air; I am reminded of the Power and Mercy of Allah swt.

As strange as it may sound to some, I learned a lesson of perseverance from my little bird. Every day, regardless of the circumstances…he is there somewhere in the tree. His sweet soul is not affected by any change that the day brings to him.

As simple as it sounds, I think too much of the everyday occurrences distract me from Allah swt. Insha’Allah I will learn to live with simplicity and more gratitude in life. Sometimes our life’s lessons won’t be found in the pages of a book or, spoken by some great person of knowledge.

There will be times, when the lesson will have already been taught, and we simply need to stop, listen and reflect. For me, today’s lesson was hearing the little bird’s prayer. Insha’Allah I will remember that no circumstance of life big or small…should interrupt me from giving back my gratitude and submission to my Creator.


Amagdy said...

Masha' Allah, excellent style and content.

Few are the people whom able to see beyond what's seen and extract lessons from such simple situations.

Must say that's something I should be working on, after getting into practicality, we start seeing things discreetly and find it hard to reflect.

Thanks for the reminder and god bless you sister.

- Abdelrahman

hijabandroses said...

Jazak Allah Khair brother and thank you. May Allah swt give you all that is best for you, and make it easy for you.

Anonymous said...

good blog awesome layout mashallah

hijabandroses said...

Shukran sisters MiMi and JuJu for your comments...Jazak allah Khairum

hijabandroses said...
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