February 10, 2010

A Winter Wonderland & My Pet Peeve

I decided to come out from my warm little corner…it has been snowing on and off here since last Thursday. And yes, I love every single flake.

Now with the “Blizzard 2010” (the media named it, not me) comes the opportunity to observe both the best, and the not so good in our fellow man. Neighbors helping each other dig out from one of many white lumps…hoping it is in fact, their car being rescued. Stores marking their prices 3 times the normal price, you are part of the bad part in mankind, this is good example of riba.

Subhan Allah seeing the city dressed in mounds of pure white snow is stunning. Photographers of all ages are out capturing this rare site. The White House and government buildings closed…city sidewalks vacant of the usual hustle of daily commute. I can actually walk down the middle of any main street and not see any traffic. The solitude is delicious.

Now I have a little pet peeve. Okay, so we know I am not a whiz on the internet. In fact, let the record state (when did this become a legal thing, lol?) that the only social network I like is Twitter! Nobody can post more than their allotted characters, unless they add this Twitter longer thing. So my peeve is, now everything is either linked to face book or my space. Sometimes I see a post and I think, “Oh interesting let me check it out” so I click…and low and behold, another link to join someone’s face book before I can see the link! Argh…no, I won’t become your “friend” and I don’t want to vote for your page. I only wanted to see the link posted.

Friendship is a gift that takes time to develop and is reciprocated by all involved. So just because someone fills out some information to join you…it doesn’t make them a friend. Let’s not become so attached to a social network, that we forget how to interact as humans in life.

Okay my pet peeve has been properly vented, smile. I think I will return to my winter wonderland. And, I don’t have to join anything to enjoy it insha'Allah. Stay warm everyone!