November 22, 2009

Back To Normal

I can probably count on one hand, the number of times I am in a bad mood. So when a case of the crankies (my little term for feeling Arrrgh!) does strike, it leaves me mentally and physically exhausted.

There must have been five or six blogs that I have started and deleted recently. The process of transferring a thought from my brain, to the screen was the battle. Not for one moment do I think my blog is being waited to be read by the masses. “Twilight” or “New Moon” it is not.

While waiting for my disposition to return to its normal optimistic self, I passed some of the time reading and enjoying the writings other bloggers. Without naming the top five blogs that I follow the most…I will say what draws me in as a reader, is style of the writing. I can know instantly after the first few lines if I will be captivated.

Aside from reading the blogs, books etc, the best thing for me has been the Salat and reading the Quran. Despite my grouchy disposition, I still needed my ritual of being a Muslim. Allah (swt) has changed my heart to the perfect balance of fear and love. It is from this balance I slowly regained a sense that everything is going to be okay, insha Allah. Jazak Allah Khairun to my fabulous sisters, who are my continuous support.