November 6, 2009


Recently I have started a quest to find my mosque. Why it has taken me so long, who can really say? Now in my mind, I have already attended and connected with my sisters. In reality, the search has been more disappointing to say the least.

Last week I spent most of the day searching online like an amateur detective for a mosque in my area. I had Map Quest and Google in overdrive. Then it happened. I located what I thought, would be my spiritual home insha Allah.

Sleep was virtually impossible last night; I was so excited to attend Jummah. Today I was up early had a great morning…then I was off. Arriving much earlier than needed, I took the time to prayer and reflect. Slowly, sisters started arriving giving their Salam’s (some barley audible) before wandering off to find a seat.

The experience was not what I had hoped but, today’s Jummah was about the Hereafter. And that is really what should be my focus, subhan Allah for reminders. Now, will I attend this mosque again in the future? It is possible, insha Allah. What I wanted from the experience I feel was accomplished. I made my Salat standing side by side with my sisters in Islam, and listened to the khutbah.

My quest remains to find “my” mosque. It is out there and insha Allah I will not become discouraged if the greetings are less than warm or friendly. My joy and happiness can not be removed. What was my lesson from today? We were all Muslimeen gathered in one location, serving Allah (swt)!