November 14, 2009

ChristmasTime Is Here...

I just poured me a nice glass of orange juice (to tell you the truth, it is not a glass. It is an old preserve jar) I loved the tiny grapes and apples around the glass… so I made it my personal goblet of choice!

Okay, after that complete example of wasted information, (smile) here is my little observation today. Christmas is outside my window. Now as you may remember I usually sit near my window as I blog. The weather and the seasons are often a source of inspiration and overall contentment

Today I glanced out the window, let me backtrack a moment first. My windows are glazed on the lower half to allow the light to enter, yet keep privacy and the top half is clear. So today when I looked out there it was, Christmas.

You name the ornament and I am sure it was being displayed. This got me to thinking about my Christmases past. Alhamdulillah, I say past. As a former Catholic I had my fair share of animated reindeer and “Griswald’s” Christmas trees. Holiday music blaring while of course, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”

But just as the movie was only an illusion, so were my feelings about Christmas. It was the loneliest of days for me. No amount of decorating or musical soundtracks could provide what was needed most in my heart. Faith, a connection to Allah (swt) is what I desperately wanted and was years away from reaching. Each day that I wake, my first thought is Bismillah and Alhamdulillah. This is a day that is not promised but is delivered as a Mercy by Allah (swt).

I still enjoy the smell of fresh pine trees, but without the reference to the holiday. Waking up and seeing the first snow of the year. Trees and lawns covered in soft flakes. My memories now of Christmas are a reminder that Allah (swt) was guiding me.

“Verily you O Muhammad (saaw) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided.” Surah 28:56