November 3, 2009


I have fallen in love. This is an all consuming love. It has taken control over every single action of my life.

The only jealousy I encounter is time…which living in this life can often distract my attention. Islam encompasses everything perfect. Usually when a person “falls in love” they tend to loose who they are as an individual.

We (me included) try so hard to make the other persons needs, our top priority. Why? Should love decrease us as a person? Maybe as women it is easy for us to nurture and comfort others. This can often allow us to overlook what should matter most. Our connection and worship to Allah and our self.

What ever your belief or spiritual path may be is fine. Never would I force my beliefs on anyone…but, if you ask me about Islam, I am overjoyed to discuss it.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a romantic and adore the feeling of a loving marital relationship. But, I know that I won’t loose Nazeeha again insha Allah (God willing). And for me that was my light bulb moment!

Placing Islam before any, and everyone is crucial for me. In fact it allows me more time to be a better sister and friend insha Allah. My mind is empty of negativity and my inner space is filling with goodness. I have been a firm believer of positive thinking. Smile, no I am not sitting in a candle lit circle dreaming of fairies. Sitting here at my little desk and watching the night sky makes me happy. My life is not perfect. However among the daily little difficulties are some fabulous gifts. Solitude to read and study, visiting with my old friends and making new ones along the way. I am in love with my religion…and it is the best relationship ever. Each day I try and be a little better than yesterday. It is not always easy but, I am trying.