December 22, 2009

Last Note from Nazeeha

As'salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh…for right now I will be entering my last blog. Life is so unpredictable.

My mind is confused however; my heart and faith are secure. It’s funny that a computer has become my portal to the Ummah. In it I have discovered the best of people (Muslims and non-Believers).

For those who follow my words…thank you. I will certainly understand if you un-follow. Only Allah subhana wa ta’ala knows when, or if I will return to my virtual family.

In the mean time I will be searching for a new home. When things settle, I will try and go to the library and make use of their computer room. Before I start crying (even harder) I will only say,

I will miss the writing….
I will miss the amazing kindness of people…
I will miss Twitter and my beautiful Ummah; you made my days easier when life was not so kind. You were and are still my teachers, sisters and brothers.

Subhan Allah, please see the best in people and overlook the faults if possible. If I have said anything that was good…it was only from Allah subhana wa ta’ala. If I have caused any hurt… it was from me only and I ask for your forgiveness.
Insha Allah I will be back.

Last Note from Nazeeha
…love you all


Abdelrahman said...

You're one of the best sisters I've ever met online, stay strong and Allah SWT will get you out of any trouble.

When god loves someone he make life challenging for him/her to get him/her close to him and raise his position in the paradise.

Stay strong sister and we'll be always waiting when you're ready to continue the journey with us.