December 16, 2009


When I was a young girl my mom would take me to the Doctor at least twice each year. Hand in hand we would walk into the office. Mom would go to the visitor’s desk and sign in…and I would happily enjoy the new roll of life savers purchased in the downstairs gift shop.

The reason for my visit was I had lost my voice. I know it makes it sound like my voice was dropped along the road, (smile) or, possibly misplaced. The Doctor assured my mom that I was perfectly healthy, and in a day or two I would once again be talking. I watched as my mothers expression changed from worry, to relief and her familiar smile.

There are still mornings I wake up and, (nothing) my voice without warning, has taken a personal holiday. Alhamdulillah I find this time blissful! Although the voice is needed during certain prayers Allah knows best. My intention I hope is still accepted even on the days, when my voice is still.

I am often complimented on the tone of my voice but, simply speaking to be heard, for me is pointless. It is not the amount of words you use to share your feelings, it’s simply the feelings.

They say, when one of our senses is taken away the other senses are heightened. I often indulge in the beauty of being still and quite. I cleanse my mind from sensory overload. Insha Allah I am left with placidity which allows me to be a better listener and observer.

There are so many positive voices and messages in this world that need to be heard. We hear them through written word, or the result of their good works that will live well beyond their mortality insha Allah. The voice when used to recite the Qur’an…transforms to a sound that words can’t give justice. I can think of no better use of speech, other then worshiping Allah (swt)

So while my mom was worrying about her little girl temporarily being speechless, who would have known, it would be one of the things I treasure most!