December 21, 2009

Snowlflakes and Memories

The night felt like a soft whisper, the sky was a mixture of deep blues and watery gray. The only sound I heard was the faint crackle of tiny branches falling from the pine trees.

This was the first big snow of the season, and I was not going to miss it. I wrapped myself tightly inside my quilt and sat on my balcony.

Although the chair was freezing…I soon warmed up and silently watched nature’s winter performance. What is it that makes a snowy night so gloriously peaceful? Maybe it is the freshness of the air… or, the hush that falls over the city sounds.

The ground covered in a blanket of whiteness makes me think of new beginnings. I think the footsteps left behind on the untouched snow are like our path to Jannah.

We each walk our individual path. Though many footprints may be left along the way...there are none that will match exactly. It is our journey that is beautiful and individual…like the snowflakes that fall around me on a snowy night.

…Time to go inside.


Abdelrahman said...

Masha' Allah, excellent writing style and a beautiful portrait to the moment. Keep it coming sister.

- Abdelrahman