January 2, 2010

The Invisible Muslima

Somewhere in every country; city and village there is a section of Muslimas that are not being represented. I call them the…”Invisible Muslimas” I am one of the invisible.

I have noticed when the Muslim woman is spoken of or depicted…the image is that of the young woman barely out of her teens. She struggles between carving her own identity as a Muslim woman, and feeling the not so subtle pressure of her family and culture to marry and start her family.

But in between younger woman and the elderly…is where I fit in. Perhaps there is a secret society that I am not aware exists. I mean come on…”All my Muslimas who are in there 40’s and 50’s stand up! (Sound of crickets) Each generation needs her own special group of friends, a sisterhood who relates to one another. In general Muslima or not, women have always been supportive of each other and their friendship a treasured gift.

Unless, and please let me be wrong, that a sister who is beyond 25 suddenly becomes horrified to reveal her true age. Trust me I understand that society places emphasis on being young and age defying…but ladies let’s face it if we continue to feel that being older should put us out to pasture…then our life will cease to exist.

This term “cougar” are you serious? Have you seen a cougar in action…they target their prey, and when it (He, in this case) is not watching….they pounce and go for the kill. Alhamdulillah I am not a cougar seeking any prey to drag back as a trophy.

I am a Muslima that is a little disheartened by our issues not being addressed. But, since there is no Muslima over 40 in existence (wink) insha’Allah I just might elaborate on a few thoughts that have been on my mind, and share them in my blog through out the year. Who knows maybe I will spark a revolution…where Muslimas and all women will be accepting of themselves no matter how old. At the end of the day it is our heart that defines us as women. Masha Allah we are lovable, sometimes impossible and often wonderful at any age.

…I don’t feel so invisible after all.


Amagdy said...

Looking forward to your thoughts sister.

Islam appreciated women as when they get older their value in the community increase in every area. Unfortunately, most our Muslim communities preferred to follow the western model other than the Islamic model of treating women.

As you said may your words be a trigger to bringing a few people back to understanding the value of women in Islam and change the perception of societies a bit.

Halimah bint David said...


Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatuhlahi Wabarakatuh!

Great blog! I love it :D Very elegant and classy. Plus you can never ever go wrong with Bons Bons Ummm Ummm.

I am much younger and feel invisible myself, LOL. I can't imagine hpow alone that must feel. May Allah bless you with nice friends and lots of joy while being guided to follow His (swt) straight path.

hijabandroses said...

Masha Allah and thank you ahki Amagdy, I always enjoy the male viewpoint. The view of the woman in Islam needs to be held to only 1 standard. The wives of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)the best in character.

Ukhti Halimah help yourself to all the chocolats you want lol! Glad you love the blog. Thank you for understanding & following <3

WhiteOrchid said...

Glad i came across this blog. I belong to the younger generation, yes :), but its nice to hear things from a different perspective.

We all feel invisible and left out at some point.

Looking forward to your posts in the future inshallah sister :)

hijabandroses said...

As'salamu Alaikum White Orchid welcome and masha Allah for your comments =)