October 29, 2009

American Woman?

As'salamu Alaikum

The song American Woman by Lenny Kravitz is booming in my mind as I blog. Have you ever had a talk or discussion and suddenly have it come to a screeching halt? The happy you have good brakes type of halt. Last night...I had made the comment that I would like to live on a Muslim compound (Waco, Jim Jones, Warren Jeffs) not even close to what I was referring.

Okay, probably community would have been the better word. I was also reminded that I am an American woman thus, hated by most of the world's population. My loyalties are to my religion first and always. Do I love my country? Absolutely. The reason I love it...this is where my memories exist, where my child was born and raised.

If you ask most people about their origin of birth, they will say they love "their" country subhana Allah. Not a listing of political issues. I was told by my sister in Islam..."U are not American" if I travel with her. That "Americans are HATED everywhere", and advised to put down my flag.

Traveling within this country and other countries, my experiences have all been positive! Alhamdulillah I have not met all the people of the world, or every American. So, I can't accept the statement all Americans are hated.

Maybe I am enveloped in a positive outlook regarding life. Yes, negativity and hatred will continue to have a platform for all who care to listen. Personally, I love seeing the glass 1/2 full... Oh and for the record, I would still love to live in a Muslim community in any wonderful place in this world insha Allah!

Muslima + American = Nazeeya (music fade out)


Amatullah said...

As Salaamu Alaykum ukhtee,
LOL @ "The song American Woman by Lenny Kravitz is booming in my mind as I blog.", Because it was only but booming in my head when I read the title! I agree with you and I'm proud of the country I come from for the very same reasons (and more) that you mentioned. When I traveled to Saudi Arabia we were treated extra special when some of the merchants and common folks learned where we were from. I refuse to hide it! Being an American holds lots of religious and worldly benefits. example being a practicing Muslimah in this country shows the world that we are free to do as we choose! Not to mention what an American passport can do for your pay check in a Muslim Country! So THERE!!!! I would love to live in a Muslim Community like you mentioned. Similar like how the Amish people live. But I will not drink the purple kool aide!

hijabandroses said...

Wa alaikum As'salam ukhti, masha Allah for your great points. Insha Allah I will visit Saudi Arabia.

You would be a cool neighbor and I agree, no thanks to the purple kool aid LOL. Thanks for following ukhti!