September 20, 2009

21 Days to Change a Habit

As'salamu Alaikum

They say in the study of behavior modification, it takes "21 days" to effectively change a habit. Now if that is true, I guess it would depend on the determination of the person. Or would it?

I have been thinking and already longing for the return or Ramadan. May we all live to see next year, Ameen. Subhan Allah a month devoted completely to the submission and sacrifice of worldly desires. Now, even though as Muslims technically we do not fast a complete day. The simple concept of "fasting" or denying oneself of daily pleasure or instant gratification, can be a bit overwhelming.

We suddenly find that we start to define the number of remaining hours before Iftar. "Oh, sure I can come and visit ukhtee" all the time we think, 3hrs. 12 mins. before Iftar..if I leave now blah, blah blah. LOL the question is, are we changing?

Alhamdulillah I felt a small change in me, only after Ramadan had left. When the night before, I still set my alarm to wake me 2 hours before Fajr was scheduled to come in. Why? Because by the Mercy of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) my soul had become use to having the recitation in the early hours fill my ears. My body willing humbled in sujood, seeking the forgiveness and guidance of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala). My need for nourishment, was replaced with the feeding of my heart. Change was taking place.

Insha Allah, these habits will be life long and continuous. You know sometimes a habit takes more than 21 days...maybe it takes an entire month of worship and sacrifice called Ramadan.

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