September 27, 2009

Where Is the "Customer"?

As'salamu Alaikum Muslimeen and Peace to visitors!

My voice is now rested. Alhamdulillah what does that have to do with blogging you ask? I talk out loud as I type. LOL not so loud that it sounds as if there is a major one-sided conversation happening...but, it's my way of editing.

Last week I must have spent half of the daylight hours dealing with various "Customer Service Representatives." While the remaining hours were curled up in a fetal position nursing the migraine resulting from the darlings of Customer Service. If you detect a tiny amount of sarcasm here...mission accomplished.

When did the idea occur that speaking to an automated voice response would soothe the jagged nerves of the customer? Now trust me, I have worked in Human Resources and dealt with almost every type of personality allowed to walk freely in public. While some I can almost assure you...should have remained home that particular day. Is it hard to have a pleasant voice and remain professional when dealing with the public? You Betcha! But come on, don't we deserve a human voice to hear our first question or complaint about the service we are not receiving?

The very things I love about technology, the instantaneous ability to communicate. To bypass unwanted information etc., is the same thing that is my sadness. Maybe the financial bottom line has, and always will be the winner. I miss hearing a pleasant voice...without having to punch in 100 options on my phone before hand, or play 20 questions with the voice system. Should it take almost 1 hour for a call that could be answered in 10 minutes?

Oh well, I guess I will just dial the number, place the phone on speaker and listen to the muzak! Bye Customer Service, you will be missed.

Heavy sighs and Notes from Nazeeha