September 13, 2009


Okay, is the fact that I misspelled the word serenity as "serinity" haunting me!!!! Argh, it is the worst feeling.  I have tried to erase the word, physically push it off the monitor LOL. Hmmm...maybe no one noticed. They noticed Nazeeya, trust me they noticed.  If only the people who work at Blogger. Note to self--drink some decaffeinated tea.

I wonder if I deleted the post or maybe did a little cut and paste....okay just walking away from the keyboard.  Life's not perfect and obviously neither is my spelling.  Spell check why? whyyyyy!!!!


Anonymous said...

As-salaamu Alaikum,

lol...I never noticed it 'til now. You may edit your posts insha'Allah. Go to your dashboard and you will see "Edit Posts"...pick it, and fix it

Amagdy said...

LOL, I didn't notice!

hijabandroses said...

(Blushing), lol spell-check is my friend. Although I may be a little paranoid with using it...oh well, thaks for the post =)