September 21, 2009

Over 12,025 Miles Away...

As'salamu Alaikum

I had a post already prepared in my mind.  But that's the splendid thing about life, if you keep your heart and mind open.   Alhamdulillah by the Mercy of Allah, life takes you and introduces you to new adventures and people!

Remember the movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?   In case you haven't  noticed, I like movies.  The part when Meg is at her computer and she hears the little ding,  followed by the announcement "You've Got Mail".
That is sort of like me.  I still get a smile when I receive genuine mail.

Today there was an email saying...I had a reply to one of my posts.  It was from a  sister living in a small village in South Africa called Windhoek.   If you don't mind I want to share the reply from my new, and Insha Allah future longtime ukhtee Ingrid Hawa Saloom. Subhan Allah, this is why I wanted to blog...because how else would I ever meet such wonderful sister in Islam.   When used for the purpose of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) the internet and other technology can unite this Ummah.   So here is the reply from my sister...12,025 miles away.

As-salaam alaykum...dear sister in Islam. i am pleasently surprise and fill with complete understanding of your experience with the Hijab. I live in a country at the button tip of to South Africa, with a very small muslim population.......we are a country of 1.8 million with a s much as less as 100 native reverts to Islam and a 150 other f/nationalities mustly South African Muslims india, Pakistan and some Libaniese, more then half of the sisters don't waer Hijab........ hence the reaaction of people frowning on a hijab......worse nikaap. in the hole capital Windhoek we have 5 sister wearing nikaap and were they pass people move out of the way in fear. i have be wearing hijab for the passed 15 years and till as we speak people stop me on the street to ask about this strange outfit i inherited from the Arabs? or are you married to an Arab they ask. i wear it with pride since is my door opener to dawaah alhumdu lilah. keep it up and uphold the islamic idedity.
Gratitude and Notes from Nazeeha