October 1, 2009

A Beautiful Quilt

As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh & Peace

I love that first crisp night in autumn when we scramble to find our favorite blanket that has been tucked away since last season. Now the condition of the blanket is not important in the least. I mean it can be tattered and faded from years of washing or even thread bare who really cares? For that moment when you first wrap yourself up inside, it becomes a much missed retreat. It's the comfort and familiarity that gives us warmth.

For me I think sisters in Islam are like a beautiful quilt...we each are a separate patch unique and beautiful in our colors and shape. Our thread is the love and belief in Islam which holds us tightly together. As sisters we are there for one another if only through a quick message, call to her cell or more importantly a needed prayer. As seasons come and go, so may our frequent connections with each other. Alhamdulillah, there will always be a link from one sister to the next. As Muslimahs, we never run out of room in our heart to include one more sister with plenty of space for more.

We may share an afternoon of "girl talk" and tea. Giving mabrook over hearing the joy of a addition to the family, or announcement of an engagement or marriage. And the time we are most share tears as we receive the news of our brother or sister being called to Allah (SWT). The point is we never forget the sister who is not there. Islam keeps the Ummah and sisterhood alive. Making sure to say "Give my salams to Umm so and so" tell her she is in my du'aa

I shared a nice talk with a dear sister of mine today, we did some "catching up" (smile) missed you sis! So when you snuggle up and get comfy with your favorite tea or coffee by your side, take a minute and contact with a sister who you have not heard from in some time. Insha Allah the warmth felt from laughter and talking about what's been going on since you last spoke. It is warmer than even your favorite blanket!

Sentimental Notes from Nazeeha


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