October 2, 2009

Behind the Clouds

As'salamu Alaikum

Today would be best described as gray and cloudy. Some might even say dreary. For me days such as these are usually spent working on some project, that hasn't quite yet reached completion....and in some cases it never will, LOL.

I also view a day like today as some how, inviting. Offering me a rare moment to reflect and see how "I" am doing. Making a du'aa to Allah (SWT) for guidance in my daily walk. Asking that I never become careless in my submission to Him, just because I am a Muslim it is not a guarantee for goodness in this life or even a promise of Jannah in the here after. My strength as I call my iman will weaken if not fed a incessant maintenance from the Quran, lectures and books of knowledge!

Without any hesitation, I feel that our souls go through seasons and daily changes like the weather. Have you noticed how the body and mind react to a cold winter blast or, the healing rays of the spring sun?

As I mentioned earlier...most of the day was cloudy. I took a quick glance out of my window (taking a much needed break from the monitor, did I say much lol) and there it sat. This isolated opening in the clouds, from where this radiance of sunlight streamed through uninterrupted. As if clouds knew not to hinder the view. Subhan Allah it made me that opening in the clouds the sun was always there, I simply had to search. For me that was my path to Islam. I knew there was a "a perfect religion" I just had to keep searching and looking. Allah guides whom He wills. Each day I give thanks and insha Allah I will always be searching and striving to be better...and enjoying the weather!

Sunny Notes from Nazeeha


Anonymous said...

As salaamu 'Alaikum ukhti. Masha Allah you write so beautifully. Kreep up the blogging inshaAllah. Reads like this make me smile in spite of the storm