October 18, 2009

What Remains?

Bismillah, As'salamu Alaikum

Some days life is so astounding you just want to shout it from the rooftop! That feeling of unexplainable bliss. Then, there are the other times when it (life) hits you like an unexpected Arctic wind. The sting of changing relationships...people revolving like a door in and out of your daily existence sometime without rhyme or reason. Yes, and even the level of my own iman. My faith is not steady always..but it never is broken Subhan Allah.

If given the chance to alter the last few weeks, would I? Well (as I watch the cursor blinking)I would say no. I've come to a discover that I will be okay. Insha Allah. After the pain subsides and the dust settles, I will be okay.

As women let's face it, we can be a touch dramatic. And I hate to admit it but maybe I have been starring in my own one Muslima show, LOL. Seriously, at the end of each day when I do most of my know what remains?

My belief in Allah (swt). The travels, experiences (good & bad), and the blessings of this world will continue to increase me in my faith. Not sure what tomorrow will bring...but I do know what remains. Insha Allah.