October 5, 2009

Words, Jagged or Smooth?

With my tea sitting next to me waiting to cool and then eagerly consumed, I was thinking about voices. Actually, the "tone" of a voice and how it is perceived and often the affect on those who hear us.

Don't we all have people in our lives that we love, and I mean love to hear from? No matter what you are doing or how happily sit down and share together in the moments. Because their voice and spirit are an instant treat to the ear and perhaps a strength for our iman! Masha Allah, you can almost envision them smiling as they speak, and you always feel a little better after being around them. We should try insha Allah to be a voice and place of support and comfort to our dear family in Islam.

I am reminded of how the Prophet (PBUH) spoke with the most wonderful of speech and his tone of voice never harsh or raised...except in rare instances. I try, especially when I greet another Muslim to be joyful in my speech. Not being, I simply mean who deserves our very best if not our sisters and brothers?

Kind of makes me think of walking near a lake. You know when you find that perfect little rock and skip it across the water and watch the ripple effect? Well the same can be said about words, and how they affect an individuals spirit. Daily we we have opportunities to be hard and jagged like a rock in our words. Or, like a rock which has been smoothed by water and time.

Our daily remembering of Allah (SWT) over time will soften the jagged edges of our mind and heart. If we are kind and thoughtful to someone, who knows they may in turn...extend the kindness to others. For me, I ask Allah (SWT) to always make me mindful of my tone and speech. To save the best of words for my husband and family. I am grateful for the continued joy I receive whenever I speak with or communicate by any means with my sisters.

Okay time to get some work done. Oh my tea masha Allah was delicious!

a tiny little rock along with Notes from Nazeeha