April 9, 2010

Are You Kidding Me!

Two posts in the same day, you know it must be something special! Okay let me set the scene. I will skip telling my morning routine and get to the good stuff.

So I turn on my mobile and computer…sorry but I need to unplug at night and enjoy pure quiet. Okay, okay! Well I hear the little beep telling me I have a message. I check it and see that my sister has started her blog once again (wink) great I think to myself.

Then I check my emails to see if anyone has missed me desperately during the night…and as usual, no one has. After replying to some emails and checking my schedule, I decide to read my sisters blog (now I am speaking of my sister in Islam) in case any of you may remember, I am an only child.

Well, I am reading and I get maybe halfway into the post and she writes the following “its official: I’m Engaged Wow…but anywho”

Are you kidding me? First you don’t just announce you’re engaged in a blog, and you sure as sunrise…don’t say it mid way through your post! I was speechless, No I am serious, for a few moments I didn’t have the capability of speech or thought.

Alhamdulillah when my brain and motor skills we back in sync, I did what any other woman does when she hears great news (especially a pending marriage) I squealed like a little school girl! I immediately called her only to hear…voice mail. But, that was best because all I could manage through my tears of happiness was “Mabrook! Oh, sister I am so happy for you…”

If I had a daughter she would be just like you…stubborn beyond words, and filled with the greatest of hearts.

Masha Allah you got engaged in your own time and you announced it in the style that is all your own.

Love you bunches
P.S. Oh my goodness, your getting married!

Ummi/sister Nazeeha


Teacher007.5 said...

I feel your excitement sis!! I recently witnessed two friends get proposed to, AND by next week, they will both have been married!!! May Allah bless their marriages!! Ameen

Amagdy said...

Masha' Allah, Mabrouk to the sister and may they have blessed happy life Insha' Allah.

hijabandroses said...

@Teacher007.5 Ameen sister may both the marriages be blessed in this life and the next.

@Amagdy Ameen!

Anonymous said...

As Salaamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuhu. ROFL, I am just now reading this.

I know...the way I announced it was so typically me. And I didn't realize it was *weird* until some time after, lol. Sometimes I wish I would change, but then what would I do with all that saved up energy?

Jazakum Allahu khairan for the well wishes and du'aa. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen!!!!