April 28, 2010

Is That Mine?

Cell phones, okay so I have had mine for about 4 years (give or take) and to this day…I still don’t recognize my ring tone! Let me correct that statement, I recognize it, but I also respond to every ring tone I hear!

Seriously it’s like some bizarre Pavlov’s response (except for humans) when it rings, off I go, only to embarrass myself. I don’t think I am the only person in this universe who fought getting a cell phone, am I?

The only reason I succumbed to the pressure LOL, was because my boss demanded 24/7 access. Please I worked in Human Resources; there were not many “staffing” emergencies which occurred during the wee hours of the night.

So now I have this phone and even though it has been with me for sometime, we still haven’t created that bonding moment. You know that moment of discovery, people get when they realize, they can’t live without their phone!

We either know the type (or yikes!) are the type, who are never more than an inch away from their link to anything…other than what they are presently doing.

When did we as a society need to be so accessible? I was outside; doing nothing in particular and I was astonished how many people were on their mobile! Oh my goodness, even people sitting having meals were not fully engaged in the moment.

I guess this is just the times we are living in. And by the way…I don’t own one of these fancy iPhone or Blackberry’s or whatever the latest release is today. I am the proud owner of a Virgin Sidekick --- don’t judge me it was a good price and had a fully QWERTY pad for texting *smile*.

So while I may never experience that bonding moment with my Sidekick, I keep her somewhere in the house. As for responding to various rings tones that I hear…that may take e a little time. Oh my ring tone, get this…is an actual sound of old fashioned phone! Brilliant I know…LOL, gotta go I hear a phone.