April 13, 2010

..Lessons Learned

I was chatting earlier today with my dear brother about whether or not
he should start studying his books out of sequence, or wait he has then entire set. So I suggested he start reading the volumes he has now…because it’s possible there is a message he should receive now insha'Allah. Allahu A'lam
(Allah knows best)

We were briefly discussing spiders from a previous conversation, when I told him about the spider whose web protected the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr (ra) while they were in the cave.

It was this delicate web of the spider that shielded them from the enemy. The web gave the appearance of existing across the cave for a long period and not having in inhabitants thus, making the enemy walk by the cave leaving the Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA) unharmed.

My brother then asked if I knew the animals mentioned in the Qur’an, which are not too be harmed. I thought about it, and replied with what I thought were the correct answers. Finally I admitted I didn’t know, and for me this was to be my lesson!

It’s not always the answer that is most important, but the approach and receptiveness we have while seeking the truth. Every moment is an opportunity. Every moment there is a message, and for me it was about surrender. Not allowing room for ego in my life! Now, while I thought finding the answer to my brother’s question was my task…my lesson was completely different!

Thank you brother for letting me realizes that to admit “I don’t know” is perfectly okay. Your patience reminded me that as sisters and brothers in Islam…we are to always treat each other with the best of manners.

Again my brother said it best, “Allah (SWT) guides in ways we don’t expect or recognize.” Jazak Allah Khairum!

Oh and for those who wanted to know, the animals not to be harmed as mentioned in the Qur'an are the bees, ants, birds…and the baby animals. The babies, while they may be halal for eating will upset the mother if taken from her, and for that they shall not be harmed. There may be others, Allah knows best.