April 9, 2010

In Between Prayers and Faith

In between prayers and faith, I discover a peace and quiet that reaches beyond this earthly horizon. Giving me a small glimpse of what I can only imagine is waiting in the Akhira.

Becoming content with me as I am…and not yielding to what others would have me to be, is indeed a prayer answered.

In between prayers and faith circumstances happen beyond my control. Subhan Allah however, they are not beyond the control of my Creator.

What I once felt would destroy my heart, on the contrary has given it wings. I take flight to rest my soul in the Mercy of Allah SWT…until I am ready to continue with what lies before me.

In between prayers and faith I now understand completely what it means to want for my sister and brother, what I want for myself. I say mabrook to my cherished sister.

Laughter and tears of joy on a sunny morning will become a treasured memory. I humble myself in prayer and give thanks for everything that is good in my life. Remaining in prayer I ask for guidance for the matters which cause me confusion or sorrow.

In between prayers and faith, we rejoice in the announcement of a new life. We grieve and remember fondly the souls returned back to Allah SWT. We take comfort in our final meeting which will never know separation.

When our time is completed in this life only Allah knows…but we will be asked about what we did here in this life. The things we did…or did not do between prayers and faith.


Amagdy said...

Masha' Allah, Excellent writing style and true expressions, keep up the good work :)

hijabandroses said...

Jazak Allah Khairum brother you are always very supportive and encouraging.